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Aug 26, 2009 01:53 PM

Best 'Snack' between Queen's Park and Roncesvalles

So, I make my way home each day, from Bay/College to Ronces Village. Normally by bike, along College/ Harbord/ Queen Sts.
By 5pm, I'm usually hungry, and want a snack. However, I also look forward to dinner, and heaven forbid, I should spoil my appetite.

Does anyone have any suggestions for snacks along this route, or close to it? I certainly use the term 'snack' loosely, as it's an open invitation to ideas. I'm after smallish savoury vittles with no particular ethnic confines.

Streetdogs and candy bars just don't cut it! Please list your favourite not-quite meals that one can grab and eat quickly, with neither fuss nor muss.

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  1. You could try a Papusa from one of the Latin places in the Kensington Market . . . Definitely on your way home . . . cheap and very tasty (without being too large) . . . Off hand I can't think of the names of the stores (fellow me out!) . . . It's funny that you can go into a store so often and not know the name of it . . . I always call them the papusa stores...

    You could also try a couple of vietnamese spring rolls (the fresh ones) . . . They're satisfying and don't make you feel too heavy . . . There are a ton of spots . . . on Spadina...Pho Hung comes to mind (apparently their wings are pretty good as well.. but I have yet to try them) and you could also go to the Golden Turtle just south of college on Ossington Ave.

    Well that's all I've got for now . . . I'm sure more will come...
    Happy snacking!!!


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      I'm pretty sure Emporio Latino is the only store in KM that makes pupusas now. Perola's used to, but I believe they only do tacos now. Mmm...pupusas!

    2. You could pick up a codfish or shrimp croquette from Nova Era on College by Shaw or Caldense Bakery on Dundas by Euclid. Or doubles from island Foods on King by Dufferin. And there's bbq pork or coconut buns or egg tarts from Kim Moon on Dundas by Spadina or Yung Sing on Baldwin by McCaul. Maybe a beef patty or a festival from Ackee Tree on Spadina by Queen or one of those yummy cookies from Le Gourmande on Spadina south of Queen. I'm thinking an empanada might be too big of a snack from Jumbo Empanada in Kensington. But then again you are riding home so you could work it off :-)

      I forgot, you can also get an onigiri from Manpuku or Sanko. Yum.

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        Jumbo Empanada sells mini empanadas (!) if a large one is too much. I prefer them to El Gordo, whose empanadas all seem to me to be filled with undifferentiated mush.

        I second the recs for Nova Era and Yung Sing.

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          on the portuguese front i would also add in brazil bakery at dundas/brock as it would be very near to your path as well and i've generally preferred their goods over most of the other places. they do have sort of flat buns with savoury toppings as well but they are much larger.

          i would also consider any har gow they might have at kim moon as they're fun, textural and savoury bites.

          i might have read recently somewhere else that this might be changing... but island foods also has a location in the same place as manpuku so you wouldn't have to go all the way over to king/dufferin if that is too south. i really enjoy the manpuku onigiri for the price (nicely seasoned rice whereas everyone else does it plain!) but would also consider the takoyaki with the senbei but only with the senbei as the takoyaki themselves aren't great. if takoyaki is something you're interested in then i'd go a bit backwards and go to kenzo but it is a pretty large snack.

          someone else mentioned bahn mi below... to me this is perfect! one is a good snack for me, if I'm planning to make a meal of it i'll easily down two and might even scarf a third if it didn't seem a bit ridiculous to eat so many sandwiches in such little time. i usually go to nguyen huong on spadina but if you like a really creamy version there is a place around college and dufferin (south side of college) called le sandwich that does a great one. it is on the pricier side though and smaller.

          i am currently devoid of any creativity and so do not really have anything new to add as suggestions.

        2. from the number of chinese bakeries along dundas and spadina there are all sorts of buns filled with savoury goodies, like bbq pork, curry beef, chicken, etc. of note, at kim moon bakery, they also have a few dim sum items which are remaindered from their dim sum service earlier in the day. and on spadina north of dundas there's the hong kong bakery where you can get the very weird pork cookie! for 50 cents it's definitely worth a try.

          also on spadina, there are the banh mi vietnamese sub places. a sub might be a touch too big for a snack, but they also have pre-made fresh rolls. if you're on the go, this would be more convenient than going into one of the sit down vietnamese places.

          in kensington, on augusta, you can get an empanada from el gordos. and on baldwin, there's my market bakery where they have portuguese savoury goodies like rissois (shrimp turnover) and cod croquettes. and across the street you can get a double and/or beef patty from patty king.

          for more portuguese bakeries, head on dundas further west past ossington.

          great topic! as you can see, i love small, savoury bites too. can't wait to learn about other finds.

          1. In a week or two, the new Caplansky's is going to open at College and Brunswick. I think one of the sandwiches would be probably be too big, but maybe something like a knish or his smoked meat poutine would fit the bill?

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              Mother India on Queen near Landsdowne has small versions of their rotis that are definitely a snack size. Or you could grab a pakora or samosa. On Roncesvalles there's Buddha Dog for snack sized hot dogs with interesting toppings, pricey though.

              1. re: jamesm

                Lots of excellent suggestions already here. Also add Yung Sing at 22 Baldwin St. for Chinese buns and snacks.

            2. Spicy tuna onigiri from Sanko! It's one of my favourite snacks.

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              1. re: sydneydelicious

                These are great suggestions. Thanks y'all!