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Aug 26, 2009 01:42 PM

Chinese Restaurants in Rome and Florence?

My wife and I are heading off on an Italian vacation and I was hoping to have the names of reasonable (food-wise) Chinese restaurants in Rome and Florence. Any suggestions? She has trouble going 5 days without her noodle fix. It's a long shot I'm sure, but you never know....

If we can't find anything before we go we'll be sure to take along a few cups of Shin Ramyun (


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  1. There is a restaurant that we ate at in Florence called Giardini di was quite adequate. I won't argue with you about why you would go to Italy and want to eat Chinese Food...our excuse was that we had been there for 18 months and we felt we deserved it! (there is also a really good Indian restaurant in Firenza, too, and we got supplies there to take back to our home in further south so we could survive-don't get me wrong we love Italian food, but you really do be accustomed to mixing it up when you live in North America!)

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      Thx LJS. Don't get me wrong - we have no expectation of great Chinese food in Italy. But I know my wife will be a week in and start itching for her noodles! One noodle break during a 3 week trip should do the trick!

    2. Ristorante "Hai Hau" off Campo dei Fiori in Rome. I have eaten there a few times- not anything amazing, but flavors are close enough to the real thing to fix the craving.

      Also Citta della Pace in the same area.

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        There are lots and lots and LOTS of Chinese restaurants in both Firenze and Roma. There is a large Chinese community in Firenze, mostly because of the leather trade. You will have no difficulty spotting the restaurants. It's pretty much customary for Chinese restaurants to hang red paper lanterns outside or feature red in some one in their signage. Likewise in Rome. Chinese restaurants are ubiquitous.

        I also won't question the desire for Chinese food -- but why isn't a pasta fix a noodle fix? Is it sugar plus noodles?

        1. you know, pasta is noodles...
          Green Tea is as good as Chinese gets in Rome (which is not much, but ok).

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            Ni Hao,

            There are several chinese restaurants by Piazza Vittorio (rome's china town) and around that area you'll find several shops selling paomian. I do like Hang Zhou restaurant by Via Merulana on Via di San Martino ai Monti, 33.
            I Lu Ping An
            Nancy Aiello