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Aug 26, 2009 01:23 PM


Anyone know of a place that makes some great, authentic ceviche otherwise known as a citrus (raw) seafood appetizer? Been to a couple of places in the area, but somewhat disappointed.

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  1. Ceiba has a great Ceviche sampler with 4 different types of ceviche. I think I make the best ceviche. just use very fresh fish such as Rockfish, croker, spot or you can also use Talapia, dice along with red onion, tomato, cilantro, fine dice of jalepeno, add some salt and pepper and squeeze fresh lemon juice over it, cover and refrigerate for about an hour. The acetic acid in the lemon juice denatures the fish proteins and thus cold cooks the fish. the fish will go from translucent to white when done. after an hour, drain the lemon juice and serve with tortilla chips, soft tortillas or crackers and everyone will think you are a great chef!

    1. Blue Sea Grill has a wonderfully fresh ceviche. FoiGras

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      1. Oyamel has several ceviche choices on the menu. I remember enjoying the red snapper ceviche.

        Willow in Arlington has a good ceviche. They replace cilantro with thai basil.

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          Ceiba (DC) has it---I did not order so I cannot speak to how good it was....

        2. I love the version at El Chalan, a Peruvian restaurant near the World Bank downtown.

          El Chalan Restaurant
          1924 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

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            gotta agree with DanielK, had the ceviche mixta last night at El Chalan expecting the usual martini glass size and received an almost entree size portion of some of the freshest seafood I've had in a long time with just the right balance of citrus, cilantro and chilies (ok could have been lighter with the onion, but still).

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              I agree w/ DanielK's recommendation of El Chalan too. Also Inti (I think that's the one mselectra might be thinking of) and La Limena have very good ceviche too.

            2. I haven't been, but there's a Peruvian restaurant on 18th St in Adams Morgan that I believe has a lot of variations (I think they spell it seviche, in case that helps you search). Where have you tried already?