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Aug 26, 2009 01:16 PM

Lamb Chop recipe?

Searched the board but didn't come up with anything. The lamb chops at Costco keep catching my eye and I think I'm going to give them a shot this weekend. Any tips/recipes for cooking them? I found a few Indian lamb chop recipes, but am open to anything.


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  1. I make a paste of dijon mustard, crushed garlic, cracked pepper, some chopped rosemary, a little olive oil and a little white vermouth or wine, spread it over both sides of the chops and let that marinate in the fridge for a few hours. Then I cook them quickly, to medium rare, on a hot fire on the outdoor grill. (You can also broil them or cook them stovetop on very hot grill pan.) I salt them after they're cooked.

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      Amazing! I do the very same thing, only substituting Tarragon for the Rosemary.

      This is the *only* way to cook lambchops.

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        This is almost exactly how I do them too - but I also add a little soy sauce, so the paste is a bit thinner, so I put them in a ziptop baggie to marinate for a few hours, turning them once or twice. Truly excellent, and now pretty well the only way I do lamb. I too buy the beautiful little chops at Costco.

      2. Lamb is my favourite and most often eaten meat and I usually prefer to cook chops very simply so the full flavour comes through. I cook them under the grill or on a ridged pan and I cook them slightly longer than I might cook beef as I find if they are too rare they are chewy.

        Having cooked them simply, I can go to town on sides if I want.. Middle eastern is always my first choice. Other than that, then all I find they need is mint sauce or just a dab of dijon or English mustard.

        1. I made this recipe the last 3 times we had lamb chops:

          Haven't always been able to marinate them overnight but they still came delicious.

          1. i generally cook lamb chops pretty simply--to med rare. we enjoy a little bit of pan sauce over the chops, a touch of garlic, a little shallot, fresh thyme, a little wine cooked down, and a swirl of butter. i save the garlic and herb for the sauce so i don't burn it while cooking the meat. i season a leg of lamb with quite a good bit of rosemary as well as thyme, but honestly think rosemary is a bit demanding for chops. i might be in the minority on this one, though.

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              Funny, lamb is one of the few things with which I like rosemary.

            2. Loin chops or shoulder chops?

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                Really not sure, they're pretty tiny if that helps?

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                    It does help! Probably loin chops....the question is based on my ignorance, as I don't have a Costco nearby/ know what they usually stock.

                    Shoulder chops are great for braising/long cooking (though they can be fantastic. albeit a little chewy, pan-seared or grilled).

                    Loin chops are definitely in the shorter-cooking territory, so these suggestions all sound great. Other marinades you might consider before grilling or pan searing are:

                    -smearing with harissa paste
                    -rubbing with ancho chili powder, a little brown sugar, cumin, perhaps some minced canned chipotles and a little adobo sauce
                    -pomegranate molasses (just a little) and fresh thyme
                    -Dijon mustard, a little mashed anchovy/anchovy paste and minced garlic cloves

                    (and of course, salt and pepper for anything that isn't naturally salty)

                    Good luck!

                  2. re: 4Snisl

                    Not shoulder chops. Shoulder "chops" are really a bit of marketing. Shoulder steaks are not "chops" as they are from the front shoulder.. The cut chops at Costco are loin chops. They do sell rib racks so you can cut rib chops chops it you wanted to.