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Truffles is Closing!

I just heard from the manager (the most gracious man named Melville) at Truffles that it's closing on September 5th!! I'm definitely going to miss the wonderful service (especially the coffee service) :(

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    1. A hotel of Fourseasons calibre without a decent restaurant? Doesn't make sense?!

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        they may be bringing in something new... just because truffles is closing does not mean the space will sit empty

      2. oh wow, I need to go one more time to enjoy the spaghettini with truffle foam! good thing my mom is visiting next week!

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          I think that's off the menu already - the new chef really killed it!

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            According to the article linked below, it's no longer on the menu, but the chef will make it upon request.

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              Disaster when handled by the new chef (agree with kawarthagirl). The 'creator' of the dish (Patrick Lin) now does an updated version at Sen5es restaurant. I'm not sure if it's still on the menu there, but you can probably find out easily. He was VERY generous with the truffle shavings: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bokchoi-...

            2. I heard a few months back that resumes from the servers at Truffles were circulating at other restaurants.

              1. Aren't they building a new Four Seasons at Bay and Yorkville? Or is that just a condo project?

                1. Yes the hotel is moving but the restaurant won't be brought back:


                  I went to Truffles once and it was such a disappointment (the service, not the food) I've never been back. Actually it's turned me off of any restaurant located inside a Four Seasons property:


                  If my local Jack Astor's can beat a "4 star" restaurant in service, something's seriously wrong and those stars are undeserved. I say good riddance.

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                    I actually had my 'best service ever' at Truffles.
                    As the bus boy was clearing away the dishes he asked me "How was your meal Mr. Estufarian?" (using my real name of course). THE BUS BOY! None of this fake 'How is your meal' from a server, before you've had a chance to taste it.

                    And of course, every restaurant where one makes a reservation could do the same thing. Except it was at Truffles that it happened.
                    I could mention several other examples - but for me that example sums up what service is all about.

                    My problem was that the food declined.

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                      Considering they did not do that for us when we were spending our money at their restaurant for our anniversary (yes, with a reservation made 2 weeks in advance so they knew our names), you can understand why we never returned. Hopefully I caught them before the food declined, as you described, as this was a once-only visit.

                      Best service ever, for us, was at Avalon when they were still open. Interestingly, that place used to get ripped for poor service on the board but they were flawless for us.
                      So it's really luck of the draw -- did you get the best server on staff, was the chef on his or her game that night, was there a table of 10 suits next to you that your server favoured in hopes of a bigger tip, while williingly sacrificing the smaller tip from the table for 2, etc..... Ideally the service is consistent for every customer... but then you're getting into (oh, heavens no!) CHAIN territory!!!!

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                        I suspect that the extra-special attention may have to do with the fact that you were a regular customer (No offense intended of course). I loved the service I got there about a decade ago during my first visit, but the most recent two or three visits, it had definitely slipped quite a few notches. And don't get me started about the food ( http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/605312 ). I would agree with TexSquared, Truffles won't be missed anytime soon. A good restaurant will of course treat their regulars better, but they should also be professional enough to maintain a certain level with new, or infrequent diners It's too bad they let it slip silently into the night, instead of going out with a bang.

                      1. My husband and I had dinner there for my birthday a few months ago and we had an amazing time...dinner was fantastic, the service was incredible and the desserts.....oh the desserts...they were insanely good (there were sighs and moans involved). What a shame and yes I agree, a hotel of the calibre of the Four Seasons MUST have a great restaurant in it. I wonder what they will do with the space?

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                          Well, the space as well as the hotel are getting demolished, so the new Four Seasons will have a new restaurant there, but it just won't be Truffles. I think they are going for something still in the fine dining range, but just a notch or two down. Like Gordon Ramsay in LondonNYC hotel, where one part of the dining room is formal, the other a bit more casual serving great burgers, frites, salads, sandwiches, etc. so they'll do the more casual version for the entire Four Seasons new one.

                          Anyway, I'm more sad that Truffles means that it's an end of an era moreso than I'll miss the food or service. The Four Seasons (mostly worldwide) was the best in the 80s and 90s. During the 2000s, it's declined both in service offerings as well as dining within the hotel.

                        2. We went on Thursday night to get one last visit in to our favourite "special night out" place in the city. We had a fabulous meal, with, as always, the best service we've ever experienced in Toronto (everyone from the coffee server, to the waiter to the manager). Enjoyed the heirloom tomato salad, the halibut and seared scallops, and for dessert, a chocolate earl grey souffle and an apple caramel dish. Going for dinner was like a mini vacation of delicious food and attentive service. If you can, do try to get in one last visit before they close. You will not regret it!

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                            Roughly what would a dinner at Truffles cost? I'm thinking of going over on Monday.

                          2. Here's a photo of the apple caramel dessert!