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Aug 26, 2009 01:05 PM

Best Food Cart

Back to Portland for three days.
Staying at the ACE, and we'll be eating at our favorite places, Clyde Commons, Le Pigeon, and Pok Pok.
The rest of the time we want to hit the food carts. Which ones are the best?

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  1. Al Forno Ferruza, Give Pizza a Chance, Asian Station, Spella coffee, Flavor Spot.
    Don't miss SE 12th & Hawthorne for late-night scene.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      what's best at 12th and Hawthorne ????

      Pretty please...

      1. re: mendogurl

        The fries at Potato Champion are awesome, but pretty carb-heavy to be a full meal. The Mexican place is very good. And how can you resist a fried pie from Whiffies for dessert? That link that Leonardo gave is very helpful (although it doesn't list the Mexican place), and you can also check on the thread on for in-depth reviews.

        1. re: mendogurl

          12/Hawthorne: Whiffie's Fried Pie, Potato Champion, the Creperie.

      2. Big fan of the Schnitzelwich @ Tabor SW 5th & Oak.

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        1. re: hamburguesa

          Yeah, I'll second the schnitzelwich...yum!

        2. Nuevo Mexico. It just moved over to Mississippi Ave. which is a fun place to check out.

          Potato Champion-not as good as it used to be, too salty.
          I haven't tried the Mexican place
          Yarp-is good and may have to close, so may be worth stopping by.