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Aug 26, 2009 12:36 PM

Breakfast at B&B inns in Belfast, Maine (Wealthy Poor House, Penobscot Bay Inn)

I've heard that the breakfast at the Wealthy Poor House, a bed-and-breakfast inn in Belfast, Maine, is supposed to be terrific. Supposedly the woman who runs the place with her husband is a talented cook who makes great blueberry pancakes, among other things:

I haven't really found any other information about this place online. Has anyone on this board been there recently? I'm considering staying there just so I can try their food.

Another B&B in the area that has been mentioned is the Penobscot Bay Inn, also in Belfast. The rooms are supposed to be nice, but how's the food?

Any other B&Bs that are recommended for the quality of their eats?

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  1. Hi There.
    Sorry to be slow to reply. I own a B&B across the street from the Wealthy Poor House and I recommend them highly. Carol and Malcolm are very friendly innkeepers with a very loyal clientele. Don't know much about the Penobscot Bay Inn.

    Regarding another thread, I don't know what the beef was with Scoops, but I've always thought their ice cream was great. (I believe they get it from Round Top, actually.) Their gelato has been hit or miss, in my experience. They'll usually let you sample a taste first though.