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Flipside - Fairfield, CT

I saw a sign for Flipside - a burger place - on the Post Rd in the old Flying Dish location. It isn't open yet but I can't find a website or any info. Does anyone know anything about it?

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  1. Do not know anything about it but will try to find out.
    Hope that whatever goes in there is better than Flying Dish-IMHO not a very good place....

    1. I'm very interested in trying Flipside Burger! I hear that it is scheduled to open at the end of the month. Hopefully it'll be better than Flying Dish!

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        I had never been to flying dish but didn't really get the concept they were going with...that location is kind of tough since you can't actually see it from the road but at least Flipside put a sign up you can see when driving by. The burger joint seems to be the new thing - with Fraiche now calling themselves a burger place and opening their place in bridgeport. Hoepfully it will work - I do love burgers!

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          I don't think the original Fraiche is calling themselves a burger place, are they? They definitely added 3 more burgers to the menu, but their website still describes them as a "modern american seasonally inspired" restaurant. They did open the new burger place in fairfield though...has anyone been? They do make a good burger...

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            i went to the farmers market at Greenfield Hill and I believe the sign at Fraiche had the word burger in it but can't remember exactly. I thought it was weird but I'm not sure what they are doing. I have not been to the burger place but I believe it is in Bridgeport not Fairfield.

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              You are correct, the Fraiche Burger is in Bridgeport...I must have had a brain cramp!

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                i just found this info on Flipside:

                Flipside Burgers is scheduled to open September 1st, in the former Flying Dish space (which has been redesigned and redecorated). This new burger joint looks to be a great place to grab a burger alone or with the kids, but without feeling like you're eating at a chain. The chef/owner also owns Mediterranean Grill in Wilton.

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                  I think that Flying Dish tried to do too much. It looked sort of like a chain restaurant inside. They wanted to do all organic and such, but did not stick with one style of cuisine. I believe they also had happy hour and a little bar, but not somewhere I would want to go sit and drink. Anyway, I'm glad that Flipside has a nice sign on the Post Road. Does anyone know anything more about Molto? Wasn't Obika supposed to go in there originally?

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                  Just curious as to how good is Fraiche Burger in the Bridgeport location...I have never been and want to try it.

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                    We've never been to Fraiche Burger, but the burgers at Fraiche Restaurant in Fairfield are very good. I don't think I'd go back to the restaurant, but I'd definitely give the burger place a try.

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                      drove by once with the intention of going but it looks (at least from the outside) like fast food.

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                        I don't think it's fast food...sounds like they have a variety of burgers, salmon burgers, cuban sandwiches, fries, etc.
                        Saw this little blurb, but haven't found a full menu yet...

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                          thanks - article refers to it as a "takeout" place so that explains why it's counter service.

          2. It's a burger place....so what? A peek at the menu makes me think the only non-standard fast food items are the "clams" section and the tarragon mayo. Is this supposed to be a high-end burger joint? Is there some kind of gimmick that I'm missing? What's so great about the burger here that will make me go?

            There are already too many burger places to try....I guess I just feel a little burned out on the concept.

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              Agree that the menu doesn't look high-end and actually seems a bit odd (I hate the concept of velveeta on burger and that burger-between-2-grilled-cheese-sandwiches sounds like something kids in a highschool cafeteria would come up with).
              Anyone know how these burgers are cooked? Are they griddled? If the burgers are cooked via flame (or better yet - charcoal) I'll definitely give them a try at least once... especially since this is a place I can get my kids (3 and 5) something to eat too.

              refkind81: what are some of the "too many" burger places around Fairfield to try? I tend to find that its really hard to find a great burger anywhere (other than on my own backyard charcoal grill!)

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                RIght now my list (in order of priority):

                -Black Duck - Westport
                -BSF - Greenwich
                -Swanky Franks - Norwalk

                I guess I could probably cover all these in a few weeks, but the reality is I just don't eat too many burgers. And even worse I find the burger at Post Road Diner totally fine so I don't often bother to go out of my way (although Swanky Franks is technically on the way...it always seems closed at the hours I'm trying to eat).

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                  The burger is griddled. The Velveeta was fine...not gross at all. It actually worked well with the bacon and grilled onions that came with the burger. They have other cheese options (Swiss, Cheddar, Gorgonzola) if you'd like to build your own burger. Also good was the chili, and the fries and shakes were fine.

                  The flipside (sorry), is that the service is terrible (at least our server was), the atmosphere is like 2nd Grade with a substitute teacher, and the manager/FOH is completely lost and frazzled. The guy looked almost angry when he took down our name and I told him we were a party of 6.

                  Gotta try it on a slow day to re-assess.

                  The Flipside
                  2001 E Main St, Rochester, NY 14609

              2. Flipside is owned by the owner of the Mediterranean Grill in Wilton (ZagatSurvey/Excellent, NYT/Very Good).

                Quoting the owner: "The partners wanted to open a place where people could get a really good burger at a good price and a good cocktail, if they want. To sum up the business plan in a nutshell: it's "burgers and beer."
                "A lot of people have told me it's the best hamburger they have ever had. We can't do everything, so we do what we do well.
                "We just want to keep it simple."

                We went there last week (on a Tuesday night) and enjoyed the Alpine Burger and the Flipside Salad, both very good and very reasonably priced. We found the service to be friendly, very good. Definitely worth a try!

                Here's a link to their menu: http://www.flipsiderestaurant.com/men...

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                  I thought the burger was fine, and it's great to have a cheap option in this area (especially liked the $2 PBR's on tap) but I just can't get past the wait, the poor service, and the circus-like atmosphere. I'll head to BSF in Greenwich or Westport (when 5 Guys opens) for my burger fix until they figure things out.

                2. We finally made it there this past Sunday with our kids for lunch.
                  My wife and I both had burgers - mine was medium w/ tomato, hers medium with cheddar. I like that the burger wasn't greasy (as some griddled burger are) and that it actually had a semblance of char to it and had a good beef flavor. I also liked the bun which held the burger well. What I didn’t like was that the burger was very thin… barely a ½ in thick (about 3x smaller than the burger in the picture on their menu). To me, the secret to a great burger is the thickness, which sustains the juiciness and allows the outside to be well charred while the inside can be clearly cooked to medium or med-rare.
                  Our kids had hot dogs on griddled buns and they were pretty good - - the griddled buns really propped it up.
                  We split an order of fries and onion rings as well. I like the fries which were served hot with sea salt sprinkled on; the sea salt was a nice touch. I would reclassify the onion rings as onion shoestrings: very, very thin. I like mine very thick so you can really taste the onion, but if you like very thin rings, these are for you; the batter on them was well done - - - not caked on and super thick.
                  Overall the burger was OK for “eating out” and we would return with our kids. But I still prefer my own burger at home on a charcoal grill 10 times over.
                  Note: I haven’t been to BS&F, the Burger Bar, or 4 Guys Burgers so I can’t make a comparison. Seems I now have a new mission!
                  PS: After we left my wife made an interesting observation: the menu did not contain any sort of appetizers. (Not sure if this was because we had a menu for lunch and another exists for dinner / late night). But for a place billing its night / bar scene, I would think some sort of bar appetizers would be a draw; even some mini burgers would do and they would still carry the theme of the place.

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                    We went to Flipside last night. At 8:30, the place was practically empty- a few people at the bar, and a couple of tables other than ours had patrons. Service was excellent and very friendly.

                    I had a regular burger with cheddar, grilled onions and grilled mushrooms($7.50). My burger was over cooked- I ordered med rare and it came med well(but was still juicy and tasty)- and the bun, while delicious and grilled, is too soft for the burger- it was falling apart within seconds, so I ended up scraping off the bun and eating the burger with fork & knife. My SO had the Patty Melt($8.50), which is the cheeseburger with 2 grilled cheese sandwiches as the "bun". He added bacon. He was very happy with it. We shared generous "small" onion rings($3.75) and fries($2.75) both were freshly cooked, well- seasoned and delicious- the onion rings were the star of the night for both of us- we like them thin & crispy as they are here. A glass of Pinot grigio ($6) for me and Sam Octoberfest($5) for him brought our bill to $35 incl tax, before tip.

                    We'll be back!

                    foleyd7: I had surprisingly good thick onion rings at Archie Moore's in Fairfield last week- I usually don't like the thick cut rings, but these were perfect-not over battered, and you could take a bite and come away with just that bite, instead of a little batter and the whole onion. Give them a try if you haven't already

                  2. Intead of starting a new thread I decided to bump this one.

                    Went to Flipside today for lunch. My normal bacon-cheeseburger and fries.

                    The burger was pretty good. The meat was juicy and had a decent flavor, definitely not up there with the grass fed burgers in the area. The bun was very good (would have been better if they grilled it a bit) and the burger was properly cooked. The burger itself is the thin variety but very wide and the bun is large enough to handle it. The bacon should be avoided as it was incredibly salty and I needed to remove from the burger to taste the meat.

                    It's a good burger at a bar, not a destination and not one i would travel more than one town away or if i was in the area. Top 10 in FFD Cty? It may sneak in to the last spot but is definitely on the bubble


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                      "I decided" "I needed" What the? A cut and paste from the other place, or was the burger that good?

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                        gave the pup a package. once she went on elderly milk-bones it was only fair.

                        the burger was pretty good, thin, juicy, not in a rush to go back. and if i am in the neighborhood will try molto next.

                        but the owner and staff were very pleasant so i hope others give them a lot of business.