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Aug 26, 2009 12:35 PM

How many cookies to bake for 150 people?

One of our church members passed away and I offered to bake cookies and brownies for the funeral... we're expecting about 150 people and that's a LOT of people to bake for! Various friends are bringing sandwiches etc. I'm going to make sugar cookies, oatmeal cookies, my deluxe chocolate brownies... and I need a few more cookies or slices. Any ideas? And how many cookies do you think I need to bake for 150 people?

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  1. If there are just going to be sandwiches, I would make no fewer than 4 "pieces" per person. That's 600 cookies, or 50 dozen. The less "other" food there is going to be, the higher I would push that number. If there's a lot of the "other" stuff, you could get that down to 2-3 cookies/brownies per person. But I find church crowds to eat a lot of sweets!

    Are you the only person making cookies and brownies? You can certainly bake these ahead of time. I have a cookie party every year, and usually bake over 2,000 cookies in the space of a month. Just so you know, most cookies do well stored frozen after being baked. Just take them out of the freezer 8 hours or so before you want to serve them so they'll be defrosted.

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      You bake 2000 cookies in a month?! My hat goes off to you! I know somebody is bringing cupcakes, and there'll be people bringing various things... but it'll be a big crowd. So I'm going to assume that I'm the only person bringing baked goods and go from there - it's not like you can't always use leftover cookies! I'm going to assume that there'll be 200 people there, and make two cookies per person (ie. 400 cookies), plus the brownies/slices (1 square per person, or 200 squares.) I suspect that's all I can manage to make in two days anyway!
      I'm going to go do my ingredient shopping tomorrow morning and get the cookies started tomorrow night.(The service is on Saturday at 1pm so I only have two days to bake...)

    2. A friend and I have a running debate over Christmas cookies. I say chocolate chip cookies are not a Christmas cookie. Friend says she would pick a chocolate chip cookie as her first choice anytime, anywhere, even on a Christmas cookie tray! So I don't think you can go wrong with choc chips.

      Maybe something lemony? Lemon bars go together fairly quickly. Neuromancer may know if they freeze well.

      Also the Eagle Brand Seven Layer cookie bars are very rich and could be cut into small pieces to help stretch a bit.

      I have a recipe for a thumbprint cookie made with Bisquick and a box of pudding mix, if you're interested. One batch makes 15 cookies. They mix in 5 minutes, bake on one half-sheet pan in like 9 minutes. You can choose your flavor and color based on the pudding (pistachio, lemon, etc), and fill the thumbprint with a complimentary jam, jelly, or simple confectioner's sugar frosting. Light green pistachio cookies with white frosting and a pistachio nut on top, butterscotch cookies with white frosting and crushed candy pieces (Skor? Butterfinger? What am I thinking of?), lemon with a dab of lemon curd and a fresh blueberry.

      1. The first three batches of cookies are done. I made them all petite/bitesized because I figure it's better to have twice as many bite-sized cookies than to make monsters...

        I made basic sugar cookies first ( the classic recipe from and put chocolate eggs on half and papaya chunks on half just to look pretty... That made approx 80.

        Then I made a batch of spice cookies that's my mother's recipe. That recipe made 90 but we ate a few last night!

        And lastly I made snickerdoodles. I've never done them before but I figured they're a 'classic' cookie and I couldn't really go wrong. That recipe didn't make so many. There are about 60 of them, and I may make a second batch because they're delicious!

        As the cookies cooled I bagged them up in ziplock bags and stood them in the cookie tub to give me an idea of how much it'll hold. From the looks of it there's room for two more batches of cookie. Plus I'll do a batch of sugar-free cookies separately for the diabetics.