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Aug 26, 2009 12:18 PM

Cafe Madeline, Fairfield CT

I'm really starting to like this place which is right next door to Quattro Pazzi in downtown Fairfield. The owner, Madeline, is always there and chatting with the customers. On our last visit she went out of her way to be nice to our kids which I appreciate. We had the fresh ricotta with roasted tomatoes which was amazing and when we asked her where she got the ricotta she offered to get it for us and gave us her home phone #. The menu has a nice variety, offering small plates, salads etc. It is very casual and you feel like you could sit around with a glass of wine or have a 3 course meal and either way it would be fine with her. She also has homemade gelato which is delicious. She makes pizza or pasta for the kids. You just don't see this kind of place very often and it's quickly becoming one of my local favorites!

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  1. is it the same menu as when it was Cafe Quattro or has it changed?

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      it's similar - but larger with more variety. She has nightly specials as well. I would not say it's the most amazing food I've ever eaten but it's really good and the scene/atmosphere is neat and different from most Fairfield places. And most important I can bring the kids, feel comfortable and have some good food.

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        Nice to know that it is a good place to bring kids. And if the menu is larger than when it was Cafe Quattro that is a bonus since they had a very limited menu before. I will have to try it!

    2. Try it now. The prices have exploded and the quality has taken a tumble.

      I went to Cafe Madeline and my sister and I each had mediocre salads, $50 for the two of us. The next night we went to Quattro Pazzi, I had a chicken entree and she had pasta. $50 for the two of us.

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        Recently went for lunch as this restaurant is on my AA bonus miles program. They have a 3 course prix fixe lunch for $14.95- soup or salad/entree/ gelato dessert. The food was good (not outstanding), the atmosphere was pleasant (tv/vid with Pavrotti playing low in the background), the service was attentive. There were children there but well-behaved. The gelato was Outstanding! I would definitely go back. Avoid the Ceasar salad (TOO much grated cheese), I hear the minestrone is excellent. I'd like to try one of there pizza or chicken entrees (the pasta was average). But, all in all, a pleasant place for lunch.