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Aug 26, 2009 12:06 PM

Restaurant wedding venue

We're looking for a place to have a large evening wedding party, no ceremony, just delicious food and drinks for 80-120 people. We've investigated some places that rent out the entire resturant--Public, Freeman's--and would like any other suggestions/advice. Good food and a nice atmosphere are the priorities; we're pretty flexible on fanciness level and price.

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  1. look into the following:
    - Tribeca Grill
    - 21 Club
    - Cipriani

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Thanks for the ideas. I think our ideal place might skew a lighter hipper/younger than those, though.

      1. re: glacierfjord

        Maybe Lupa? I remember somebody had a wedding there. Wasn't cheap but then again it is a Batali place.

        Bayard's is a popular choice, but I've never been so I don't know how "hip" it is.

        1. re: uwsister

          Lupa is super pricey as I looked into it when I was getting married. Because you have to buy out the restaurant, it's a minimum of $500/person before tax and tip. And it will only hold about 70 people, making it too small for the OP's requirements.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            $500 per person?!?!?I mean the food good but it's not that good.

            1. re: windycity

              Yeah, I thought that price was ridiculous for the type of food and ambiance, especially when I called other restaurants and got their buy-out fees. Lupa are probably charging extra because of the hassle to other customers who would have liked to eat there on that night.

              1. re: Miss Needle

                Yeah, I figure that they are charging for probably missing 2-3 turnovers in service but still a crazy amount which is 10x what an individual dinner might cost.

        2. re: glacierfjord

          in that case, you might want to look into Otto. i'm pretty sure i've heard about wedding receptions there.

      2. I went to a wedding reception at Public earlier this summer and thought it was wonderful. Food, drinks, atmosphere, service--everything was great. I think you'd be very happy with it.

        1. Don't know if they'll rent out the whole restaurant, but Bobo in the village would be my ideal for a wedding party. Also, with that many people you should look into renting a loft and having it catered -- there are a lot of cool rental space options all over manhattan incl apts with roof decks, etc. I looked into it once for my own wedding!

          1. Dont know if you have already found a restaurant yet, but "Sala" in Noho is a great Spanish restaurant with a very cool atmosphere and is surprisingly affordable.

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            1. re: foodbliss

              Yes, I know somebody who held his 40th birthday there. Good choice, especially if one is on a budget.

            2. I know you said restaurant, but for a party your size I would recommend looking into the off-premise caterer that I used for my wedding -- their food is without a doubt restaurant quality, service is great, and they can help you find a venue as well. People at my wedding were telling me for months that the wedding meal was better than any they've had in a NYC restaurant in years. Also, I just went to a very cool open house event they had at a new space they are using in Long Island City, had a lovely wrap-around terrace., 212-686-4075. Ari Starkman was my banquet manager, and he was fantastic and planned everything -- all I had to do was show up :)

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              1. re: nattie23nyc

                Not sure if it's too late for this, but City Hall restaurant downtown does a lot of weddings. I've heard good things and think it's pretty reasonable (I've heard about $90/head but that may be for a daytime event).