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Aug 26, 2009 11:50 AM

Christine Ferber and mes confitures

Just as the last of summer produce is drifting away, I crawled to the top of the hold list at my local library and was able to bring this book home. Off the top, I was excited to see that its divided by seasons which means I'm not completely shut out for this year.

Last night I sort of tried the peach raspberry cardemon well, sort of in that I lack raspberry so just did peach cardamon. The leftovers that didn't fit in a jar were quite lovely on yogurt this morning.

I am looking at trying some of the banana recipes as well as the Poire helene and the pumpkin ones. Has anyone tried any of these --either making them at home OR from buying a jar and sampling? My husband finds the idea of banana jam slightly suspect thought the variation with vanilla was given some consideration.

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