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Aug 26, 2009 11:19 AM

(HOU) Where should I eat next?

My pick is coming up for a dinner club. We try to pick places most of us have not been to or to which we normally would not go. We'll be coming from the downtown area but are willing to drive, and we try to keep the price tag reasonable.

We've already been to the following:
Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine. Alexander the Great Greek, Antonio's Flying Pizza, Bocados and drinks at Anvil, Baba Yega. Bamboo house, Barbecue Inn, Beaucoup Wings n Wings CLOSED and Lola's. Beaver's Icehouse, Bijan’s Persian Grill, Bistro Calais, Bistro de Amis, Blake's BBQ, Blue Nile. Brasserie Max and Julie, Broken Spoke, Brother-in-Laws BBQ, Cafe Mezza, Café Montrose, Café Piquet, Café Pita+, Café Zol, Calliope's Po-Boy, Capone's, Cavatore Italian Restaurant and drink at Rainbow Lodge, China View, Cream Burger, Dharma Café, Dolce Vita, Dot Coffee Shop, Doyle's of Oak Forest Restaurant, Dry Creek Café, El Jardin, El Pupusodromo, Fiesta en Guadalajara, Floyd's Cajun Seafood and Texas Steakhouse, Garson, Glass Wall, Grimaldi's Pizza, Incredible Pizza Company, Istanbul Grill, Joyce's Oyster and Seafood, Juanita's Mexican Restaurant, Just Dinner, Killen's Steakhouse, King Biscuit, La Vista, Tilted Kilt, Last Concert Café, Lemontree Restaurant, Little Big's, Little Bitty Burger Barn and drink at Alice's Tall Texan, London Sizzler, Lyndon's Pit Bar-B-Q, Ma Goodson's Café, Madras Pavilion, Mak Chin's (CLOSED), Mambo Seafood, Mardi Gras, Mary'z Lebanese Cuisine, Mia Bella, Miguelitos, Mint Café, Monument Inn, Morningside Thai, Nelore Churrascaria, Nidda Thai Cuisine, Open City, Out of Africa CLOSED, Pan y Agua, Paparruchos, Pasha, Patrenella's Ristorante Italiano, Polonia Restaurant, Reggae Hut, Riva's Italian Restaurant, Riverside Terrace Café - aka RJ's Rib Joint CLOSED, Rudi Lechners, Ruggles Green, Russo's NY Pizzeria, Saffron Moroccan, Saute (CLOSED), Sawadee Thai, Segaris, Seoul Garden, Shade, Smash Burger, Sophia, Soma Sushi, Spanish Flower, Star Cinema Grill, Studio Movie Grill, Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen, The Spaghetti Western Italian Café, Tilted Kilt, Tiny Boxwoods, Troy's Dawg House(CLOSED) and drinks at Ernie's on Banks, Turquoise Grill, Yao's

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  1. Pico's, Seco's, Teotihuacan.

    1. Cafe Red Onion (290 location), Catalan on Washington (get a lot of small plates and share), Red Onion Mexican Grill, Brick House Tavern, Mia's Vietnamese, Tony's Mexican restaurant, Thai Lanna, El Tiempo.

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      1. re: danhole

        Dani, what, no Pierson's? I love El Tiempo, but I've been to Tony's Mexican twice and wasn't impressed, despite enormous popularity. What do you like there? Altough I haven't been in awhile, and it has mixed reviews, the original Kim Son on Jefferson is fun and it can be very good, especially crabs in black pepper sauce or black bean sauce.

        1. re: James Cristinian


          You haven't been to Pierson's yet, have you? Not only are their hours limited to 11 am - 7 pm, but there are only a few tables in there. So if a family of 2-4 comes in they might be able to sit at a table, if it's not busy, but a larger group may have a hard time. Now I have seen a bunch of people come in to eat and they pushed table together, but then that only left one table for others! It's better for take out.

          I like all the tex mex comfort foods at Tony's. I have had the quail, which was very good except that they put some kind of BBQ sauce on it, which seemed wrong. And those margaritas will kick your behind! They make the guacamole the way I like, too. Just avocado thank you!

          1. re: danhole

            Dani, forgot about that. I'd would also suggest Vietnam Coast on Hillcroft, and North China just off Gessner south of I-10, very nice setting with a varied menu with some nice noodle dishes,and a mini complimentary buffet

          2. re: James Cristinian

            Tonys cheese enchilladas, or any of their enchilladas for that matter. That is all that I go there for.

        2. Himalaya: Indian right near London Sizzler, but it's much much better.

          1. I try to stay away from the more popular chains like El Tiempo in search of neighborhood places or hole in the walls, although we've been to places of all types. Really want to try Peirson's but the 7 pm close time makes it tough for a weeknight dinner. Never been to Tony's Mexican so might give that a try. Himalaya has been on my short list for a while but I haven't picked it yet. I'd also like to get out to Brick House Tavern to try their burger but I haven't been motivated to head up 290 lately. I'd say Tony's Mexican or Himalaya are in the running so far.

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            1. re: moonlightg

              You have little to no Vietnamese. You must remedy this immediately. Two suggestions: Huynh (east of DT) and Nga Restaurant (midtown).

            2. Wow,, what an impressive list you have built!! Addt'l restaurants to try; 3-6-9 and Kams for Chinese, Van Luc or Mo Mong for Vietnamese,, how bout Cafe Lili for Lebanese, La Fendee Mediterranean Grill, Chatters Cafe & Bistro. D'Amico's in the Village. Paulie's does terrific sandwiches and Italian dishes as does Empire Cafe.. Barnaby's is very reasonable for everything from hamburgers to steaks.. Romano's Pizzeria does terrific NY style pizza's and Italian meals and Star Pizza and Collina's is very good too. Mai Thai is terrific as is the new Golden Room on Montrose (now called Khun Kay Thai Cafe) for Thai. My new favorite,, Te House of Tea on Fairview is a very impressive place to dine. Movin up the $ ladder, Indika, Kiran, Carrabba's, The Grotto, Benjy's etc. (some of those u listed go from $ to $$$)