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Aug 26, 2009 11:09 AM

Saturday Birthday Dinner - Chinese please

Need a Chinese Rec for the Grandmother-in-laws birthday this Saturday

Previously, we've taken her to Elite, Triumphal palace(after the pork belly, she wanted a Peking duck) , and since she always wants a duck, we've taken her to Duck House/Lu Din Gee.

Still she wants Spare ribs, Wonton soup, egg rolls . . . and a duck.

Is Genghis Cohen the only option? Paul's kitchen won't do for a birthday.

Any recommendations would be most appreciated. Westside/Hollywood area is fine, We will certainly go to SGV if its worth it, particularly Alhambra with a trip to Fosselmans for dessert

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  1. Well, if your end game is Fosselman's, then maybe King Hua?

    Not the par excellence of Chinese food, but if Fosselman's is your end game, it doesn't get any closer than King Hua.

    King Hua
    2000 West Main St
    (626) 282-8833

    1. My cousin introduced me to Duong Son on Bolsa in Little Saigon a few weeks ago and I have to admit that they have the best roast duck I've ever had. Speaking with the owner, he says that he specializes mainly in old traditional dishes and will cook anything to order. We asked him for an example and he brought out a dish of sauteed pea sprouts surrounded by deep fried breaded soft tofu medallions which was really good. He even has kau yuk (pot roasted pork belly) which very few places offer. Prices are quite reasonable too. Ambience is not the greatest though.