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crowd pleasure finger food

i'm hosting a cocktail party on friday-i've got my standby foods, but I'd love some ideas of foods you serve that are always a hit with guest! thanks so much!

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  1. Crab cakes
    Croquettes with chipotle dipping sauce
    Pork spring rolls
    Crab rangoon
    Fried macaroni and cheese
    Deviled eggs
    Sausage boureki

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      baked brie. people love it, and it is super easy. You can either make a crust from packaged puff pastry, or else bake the cheese in a crock that it just fits in. Either way, slice it in half and fill with a layer of jam and a layer of nuts. Or you can use chutney. Put the top back on and either wrap in the puff pastry, seal and bake, or bake the crock. If I am doing it in a crock I normally take the rind off the top and sprinkle some extra nuts on top. Raspberry almond is good, cranberry chutney is fabulous.

    2. I made macaroni & cheese in the mini muffin tins for a holiday party. My intent was to be sure that the picky children had something familiar. Well they were a huge hit with everyone. Make you best homemade mac and cheese mixture, top with buttered bread crumbs and parsley and bake in mini muffin cups. I use aged gouda and smoked paprika in mine and it is really yummy - but you can use your own favorite version.

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        I've seen a version with the buttered crumbs lining the muffin cups, just paprika on top - which might be neater as finger food that way.

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          I will definitely try that the next time I make these; it sounds delicious ! But I will add that you do get a nice crust when you bake them in the tins so you can actually pick them up without the crumb addition.

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            I saw a show once where they made parmesan crisps and just molded them into little bowls to hold the mac and cheese. You cold do that with an overturned muffin tin!

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              oh that's just evil

              I'm totally doing it!

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              This would be a primo booze sopper-upper too.

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            With these being finger food would you serve them in a muffin paper? Just looking for presentation ideas.

            I thought of a chinese soup spoon but would think it might roll around a bit on one of those!

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              Nope you can actually just pick them up and eat them.

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                Sounds yummy! I love the crispy part of the mac and cheese the best so i am thinking of actually doing this some time for regular dinner. Hubby and I fight over the top....

                Of course we have now fallen in love with a recipe that you don't cook the pasta noodles first so i guess I will have to try to old standby for that one... or maybe reheat to no cook noodle version leftovers that way!!!!! Oh i think that would be so good!!!!

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                  Would you mind sharing the recipe for no-cook noodles please? :)

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                    There is no recipe for no cook pasta - you just don't boil the pasta before making the mac and cheese - you put the pasta in dry and it cooks in the dish - like making lasagna with no boil noodles.

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                      ok. I'll google it for ingredient amounts, as I'm clueless lol.

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              <VBG> The search queen strikes again. ;-)

              For other ideas - Sausage Wontons - http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Won-Ton-...

              Baked soft cheese (triple creme or brie) with warmed honey or preserves poured spread on top and served with crackers.

              Deviled eggs - you can go crazy with little "toppers" of caviar, chives, bacon, and other whatnot for garnish.

              A simple bruschetta using a good baguette and some fresh local tomatoes, OR use a mango chutney, prosciutto, and brie.

              Roasted red pepper dip with pita toasts.

              Puff pastry with crabmeat filling or filled with spinach, chopped mushrooms and cheese of choice.

              1. I'm going to second the deviled eggs idea. You can spiff them up a bit by adding a bit of crab or lobster and some Old Bay, but everyone loves deviled eggs.

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                  I found a cool recipe for them where you mix in sour cream, chopped bacon, scallions, and cheddar into the mayo and yolk mix. They were fantastic!

                2. This slices of smoked salmon spread with herbed cream cheese (dill or chives work well), rolled, chilled, sliced into rounds (use a sharp knife!), and served on small round crackers.

                  If it fits your budget, spread a little canned foie gras on small bread rounds or crackers and top each with a toasted walnut half.

                  Spicy cheese-olive balls - my recipe is here: http://www.chow.com/recipes/12097

                  1. The one thing I get requested to make is the most simple: brie and pear quesadilla.
                    Two flour tortillas, thinly sliced pear and slices of brie inside. Heat, slice, serve.
                    Simple, easy, delicious.

                    1. Dare I say pigs in blankets? People turn up their noses at them when they talk, but they always go at parties.

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                        same with lil smokies in BBQ sauce. Noses might be up, but the bowl is always empty.

                      2. - pancetta wrapped stuffed medjool dates (stuffed with goat cheese and a pecan)
                        - ceviche served in an endive leaf (maybe too precarious for finger food)
                        - prosciutto / melon skewers
                        - mini samosas from the freezer bin at the grocery store... they're tiny and triangular, not entirely classy, but oh-so-good!

                        1. hmm, somewhat unfortunate typo ....

                          anyway, back on topic, along with those already mentioned:
                          -mini spanikopita
                          -brie and caramelized walnut tarts (old recipe from Canadian Living book)

                          I also had a shrimp salad in wonton cup recipe somewhere that I made once.

                          and if we're including dips in finger foods, i've served my big bowl cheese dip with fritos scoops, as well as potato skins and this was a hit.

                          1. I get rave reviews with my mini BLTs. It's a little finiky, but great results.
                            -two packets of cherry tomatoes, cut the top of and scoop out the seeds
                            -cook and crumble a package of bacon and dry on a paper towel
                            -finely shred about 4 leaves of romaine
                            -mix with enough mayo to bind
                            -use a melon baller to fill the tomatoes

                            1. none of mine are high-brow, but they go like hot-cakes... not pun intended

                              -Meatballs sitting in a homemade bbq sauce, with toothpicks on the side for serving
                              -Bonnie's Buffalo Dip with veggies, bread pieces, chips... a spoon...
                              -Sesame Ginger Chicken Dumplings with a Soy Glaze
                              -Stuffed Potato Skins
                              -Melon slices wrapped with a shard of pancetta
                              -Tuna Tartare on Sesame Soy Chips
                              -Mini-quesaditas filled with jack and cheddar cheeses (chicken optional) with a little sour cream and salsa on the side --- can cut the wedges small enough to make them single bites
                              -Blue Cheese bites - make a standard biscuit dough, and form into mini-biscuits, then melt butter with blue cheese, roll the biscuits in the cheese mixture and bake at 350
                              -Figs stuffed with Blue Cheese and drizzled with reduced balsamic vinegar
                              -Dates wrapped with bacon
                              -Veggie chips - slice potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, sunchokes and anything else you like as thin as you can possibly get them, then sprinkle with seasoning and bake til crisp as chips

                              1. Hummus with some warmed up pita is always a nice choice and typically vegan friendly as well.

                                I also love stuffed mushrooms with cheese in them. I had them at one dinner party I went to recently during the cocktail hour and everyone loved them.

                                Pretty much anything can be wrapped in bacon and make a delicious finger food- shrimp, enoki mushrooms, etc.

                                1. Along with the melon and proscuitto (why can't I ever spell that word!?) skewers several have mentioned, I do skewers of thin sliced Genoa salami with roasted red and/or yellow peppers. Just pat the peppers dry on paper towels and cut them in bite sized pieces. You can get as fancy as you want with how you fold the salami around them.

                                  A mixture of big olives drained and marinated in olive oil and herbs are always popular too.

                                  An easy standby is a brick of cream cheese covered with either jalapeno jelly or cocktail sauce, the later with or without baby shrimp. Both are really good on crackers.

                                  1. I agree, stuffed mushrooms are always a hit. I make this awesome salmon dip, it always gets all eaten up. I purchase the salmon at Costco or Trader Joe's.
                                    8 oz softened cream cheese
                                    1/2 C sour cream
                                    4 oz salmon flacked
                                    1 tsp lemon zest
                                    1 tsp lemon juice
                                    2 tsp chopped chives
                                    S & P
                                    Mix together, chill overnight, serves with your favorite crackers

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                                      Is that smoked salmon (and if so, hot-smoked or cold-smoked) or simply cooked salmon?

                                      1. re: BobB

                                        Hi Bob,
                                        It's the kind in a package that is sealed it does look smoked (Mom bought it). I guess you could use what ever type you like. Just flake it up and make sure to let it sit over night. That way the flavors get into the cream cheese. The lemon zest is key to the dish.

                                        1. re: JEN10

                                          Thanks. If it flakes it's probably hot-smoked.

                                    2. It may be a little late, but as I've posted in other threads gougeres are excellent little cheese bites that can be made ahead of time, reheated and smell great coming out of the oven.

                                      1. Filipino lumpia, pickled jalapeno's stuffed with tuna or crab salad. Oh yeah, thin slices of quality genoa salami shaped like a cone stuffed with ricotta and a black olive, a flower looking kind of a thing.