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Aug 26, 2009 10:02 AM

Steak Tartare - Cuts of Beef?

So I'm making a steak tartare for my wine party this saturday, but do not want to spend all this money on beef tenderloin, are there any other cheaper (without sacrificing taste) alternatives to tenderloin?

Thinking Rump or Hanger... Opinions?


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    1. re: cassoulady

      I usually use tenderloin, but in JC's The Way to Cook, she recommends "freshly ground lean beef trimmed of all visible fat, from the first cuts of the round nearest the rump." That said, I prefer to dice the meat.

      1. I find shin works just as well if it is properly hung - and you have the time to trim out all the sinew.

        Costs a fraction of steak, seriously under-rated cut of the animal