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Aug 26, 2009 10:01 AM

Moon Pies needed for K'Port Wedding

Helping a bride source moon pies to serve at Kennebunkport wedding in October. She has a source but they are very big and would like to find something smaller.

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  1. You can order directly from the producer and have them shipped. They make mini moon pies.

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      Who is the producer? Do you have a URL? Thanks for your help.

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        Doesn't Yummies Candy Shop in York, sell Moon Pies? There was just something on Phantom Gourmet, not so long ago, talking about a Moon Pie baker in ME.... Can't remember the name though!

      2. There's a place called The Landing Store in Kennebunkport that is known for its moon pies. Not a moon pie fan, so I've never tasted them, but they are huge, and they bake incredible muffins on the premises. I'm sure the moon pies are home-baked, too. The best muffins I've ever tasted! Lots of varieties, and inexpensive, too. (They also put together a lobster roll that's better than most more expensive places in the area, IMO). They've been in business for about 147 years, I believe. Family-run. Info:
        157 Summer St
        Kennebunk, ME 04043-6654
        (207) 985-2448
        Their Web site seems to be down at the moment, for some reason. I highly recommend checking them out.

          1. Is she really looking for moon pies (southern...) or whoopie pies? If it's really whoopies she wants, try Two Fat Cats in Portland http://www.twofatcatsbakery.com/ or Cranberry Island Kitchen http://www.cranberryislandkitchen.com/ . Both are excellent.

            1. Don't make the mistake of getting moon pies if the bride wants whoopie pies! No No NO!