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Aug 26, 2009 09:33 AM

The Grill on the Alley Westlake Village Re-opening

AT LAST!! The Grill on the Alley is re-opening on Monday August 31st.

Welcome back, we've missed you (lost the whole summer, bummer!!!).

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  1. Ok Less, I am ready to try Grill on the Alley again since you speak so highly about it. What's good to order?

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    1. re: gdodgerfan

      I love their Scallops, really good and they leave me wanting more. I had the bone in Rib Eye which was huge and while good, not outstanding. I've had the Lamb Chops blackened which I enjoyed very much. Probably my next most favorite after the scallops, is their braised short ribs! Unbelievable, and while most restaurants skimp on this dish, they give you a huge portion. My recommendation is to have the scallops as an appetiser and the short ribs for dinner, great combination. I had the prime rib but wasn't too thrilled with it, believe it or not, I liked it better at Claim Jumper's!! My wife likes the chicken marsala. Try whatever dish appeals to you, I think they do a great job. Say hi to Jay for me when you go, the dining room manager and a really nice guy.

      If you like Martini's they have the best one in the world called a Ruby Red, it's like pink grapefruit and is absolutely delicious! We have also stopped by just for drinks on the patio which if the weather is nice is really delightfull. We prefer to eat dinner inside though.

      We will be going next weekend for sure (Sept 5th or 6th). CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

      1. re: LesThePress

        I definitely agree with Les on the Scallops, Short Ribs (fallin' off the bone) and Ruby Red Lemon Drop Martini. I would also recommend the Calamari from the appetizer menu and the Salmon, Sea Bass and Veal Chop from the dinner menu. The grilled Filet is fine and always cooked exactly to order, but no better or worse than any reputable steak house.

        1. re: scrappydog

          It'll be a tough decision, but maybe I'll try the veal chop. I rarely order it in restaurants becuase I'm consistently disappointed, but at the Grill?? We'll see if I can resist the scallops .

          1. re: LesThePress

            I know the feeling - I have always wanted to try the chicken pot pie, but can never pass up one of my other favorites.

            1. re: scrappydog

              Thanks for the recommedations. As soon as they open we will give it a go.

              1. re: scrappydog

                Their chicken pot pie is really fantastic, but I don't think that there's actually any pot in it. Maybe oregano.

                1. re: creamfinger

                  Clever. My ofice is now 100 yards from that wonderful hotdog cart you posted about a couple of years ago. Smiley sold out to another guy and the dogs are just as good, as is service, free water, etc. but I now drive 20 minutes to Fab. Cheaper and better.

                  1. re: TomSwift

                    As an ex-pat from north Jersey, I too am a sucker for Fab's rippers, but every now and then I just want to sit on the curb and eat a couple of good old fashioned dirty water dogs.

      2. Compare it to Mastro's if you can.
        The BH one is no comparison, yet thought the one out your way might be a different animal, given the difference in population (numbers, sociological, etal).
        ps - Have you eaten at Hampton's in the 4 Seasons, and is it comparable quality, or just wishing it were?

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        1. re: carter

          Carter, as you may have read before we are not a fan of Mastro's (not the one in TO anyway).

          The Grill does not profess to be a steak house, and as it was said, their steaks are good but not exceptional. To me the biggest difference in the two places is the attitude. I found Mastro's to be snotty and snooty with an air of indiference to the customer. Now when I went it was my wife's birthday and we brought two bottles of wine (one a 1975 Mouton) and as it was a special occassion we were treated quite indifferently. TGOTA on the other hand is amiable and friendly, you really feel welcome there and that they appreciate your business. This, to me, makes for a much more enjoyable dining experience.

          We went once to Mastros and after dropping several hundred dollars we'll not be going back. I go where my business is appreciated and I feel welcome and comfortable.

          1. re: LesThePress

            Agree with your assessment of Mastro's - have you tried the Hamptons, btw?
            Why did TGOTA close, and then reopen. Have not kept up with that issue - wasn't it supposed to be a Daily Grill, or do I have my stories mixed up?

            1. re: carter

              They had a fire back in June. The fire started in the sign out front on the roof, but the water damage has kept it closed for a couple of months.

              1. re: carter

                Yes, they actually had a small electrical fire in the attic but the sprinklers went off and they had to gut the restaurant and get new booths, tables, chairs, everything.
                They even had to replace their wine collection due to some smoke damage to the labels and improper storage when removed from the site. It was closed from June 4 until last Monday. It looks the same as ever and hopefully the food will be the same.

                No, we haven't tried the Hamptons. We generally stay away from restaurants in hotels, especially fancy hotels. Maybe we're missing out but we are happy with the regular places we visit and spend more than enough at those places. Maybe we'll try it but for a special occassion.

                We're taking my son and daughter-in-law to dinner at TGOTA Sat. night. Will report back how it goes.

                1. re: carter

                  We have eaten at Hamptons several times, although it has been a while since we have been. The food was very good, as was the service, and the property is beautiful. It definitely does not suffer from the "hotel" restaurant syndrome. In my opinion, it aims for a more "high-end" niche of the market than TGOTA. The menu at Hamptons offers less variety than TGOTA, but enough to accomodate most tastes, and the options are slightly more complex ( but well prepared.) In my opinion, The Grill offers more basic options, all well prepared. I also believe the atmosphere at The Grill is more relaxed. I might eat at Hamptons once a year or maybe twice. I could eat at The Grill once a month and be totally happy.

                  Mastro's, in my opinion is better compared to other steak houses. Everyone has their favorites. The main difference for me at Mastro's is that I constantly feel the pressure of the upsell, more so than other similar restaurants. Grill on the Alley is a really good choice when a minority of the dining party are in the mood for steak. The steak eaters will get a good steak cooked to order with the usual steak house sides available; the rest of the dinner party will have more non-steak options than the typical steak house provides.

                    1. re: scrappydog

                      Throwing in my two cents.

                      I like Mastros good steaks my go to place in the local vicinity, never had a problem with service. Hamptons decent food, perhaps a tad pricey for what you get decor a bit of the hotel syndrome. Still trying to figure out Grill on the Alley, they don't really do anything great, better than regular chains in the area but then pricier too..

              2. Thank you for the recommedation -- I just checked the menu and it looks fabulous!!! Can't wait to try this place. THANKS.