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Aug 26, 2009 09:15 AM

Do Not Miss in Orlando?

Hi there FL 'hounds! I am heading to Orlando on Monday for almost 2 weeks of musical rehearsals. I will consider eating anything except uni and green bell pepper, so let me know where I should go.

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  1. What part of town will you be staying in? Orlando is pretty spread-out. Regardless, The Ravenous Pig is my favorite restaurant in town (and a general favorite on this board), and it is well worth a trip from anywhere you are. Give us more clues -- your age, people you'll be dining with (if any), price ranges you'd like to stick to, and so forth.

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    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

      Ravenous Pig sounds great, so off to a good start. A chunk of rehearsal time will be spent at Discount Music, near I-4 and John Young Pkwy. Value-oriented is good. I'm 51 and the senior member (and foodiest) of the crowd.

        1. re: Munchkin

          A good spot! You are half way between downtown and I-Drive. The area you are staying in is not the greatest area however there are quite a few value oriented spots. If you want some ethnic at a great value there are two spots. Singhs Roti shop on old winter garden road has some of the best carribean in the area and for jamaican try linn's cutting board at the corner of kirkman and colonial. There is also a good peruvian joint at the corner of kirkman and I-drive but i can't remember the name. South OBT is close to where you are at as well. There are several places along that strech. Again be careful,,,, not the greatest part of orlando. A few south obt recs are Churches chicken at church and obt. Rossi's pizza at oakridge and obt. and just a little south of that a new indian place called standard and poori's. All are very budget freindly!

          1. re: mountdorahound

            The Peruvian chicken place is called Pio Pio. It's terrific. You'll love it, and the food is rather simple so the non-foodies will enjoy it too. The meal deal for two easily serves four. Next door, Aashirwad has great Indian food, if you can get your fellow travelers to try something that exotic.

            1. re: Rona Gindin

              I second both Pio Pio and Aashirwad. They're both seconds away from my work and I have lunch ther frequently. Aashirwad has a great lunch buffet.

          2. re: Munchkin

            The pressed sandwiches and salads seem interesting. Any particular items there I should order?

      1. since you will be here during september and are thinking of going to ravenous pig, i recommend that you check out the orlando magical dining month specials to save mucho dinero.

        aashirwad is definitely a nice place to go esp for lunch since they have the buffet, but some people have reservations about eating buffet style

        you should also definitely check out hanamizuki, tho they are a bit slow, it is a great laid back atmosphere with some really good authentic japanese food

        if you like italian, on i drive is maggiano's little italy it is one of my favorites though it is a chain.

        also do not miss le coq au vin, it is off of orange ave but not too far from where you are and they do have specials as well on the above orlando magical dining month site.

        also if you hop on to i4 and get off of fairbanks, you can head out to park avenue in winter park for some dining places, and if you enjoy farmers markets they have the best farmers market in orlando on saturday mornings :D

        bon apetit! let us know how it goes!

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        1. re: pdpredtide

          I really don't understand the love that le coq au vin gets. I mean the food is fine, but the atmosphere just kills me. My idea of a good time is not sitting in a dingy, double wide trailer. The entire environment just seemed stale to me. And even if its the best traditional French food in town, I'd rather just not eat French food if I have to eat it there.

          I know people will disagree with me because they like the food, but the place just doesn't do anything for me.

        2. Sushi Tomi in a strip center on John Young is one of our favorites when in town & Los Generales on John Young is good Mexican, both are bargains for the quality. To splurge Primo @ JW Marriott is great, vave never had a bad seafood entree there, also if they have the lobster & vidalia pizza it is incredible.

          1. The Black Olive is starting to hit on all cylinders these days, business is picking up, and they offer a cinema menu before 7 pm. A three course meal for $20. The food is very good, and the atmosphere is nice. Goood live entertainment thur- sat. They validate parking in the garage.

            The Funky Monkey has been good the last few times I've been as well. A little more of a lounge feel with some nice wine priced very well.