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Aug 26, 2009 09:13 AM

BHAM Chowhounds: Taqueria La Reyna 1st time tomorrow. Any advice/recommendations?

I'm a Gordo's regular. First time to La Reyna. Thanks in advance!

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  1. How hardcore do you want to go? They do a decent al pastor, although Dax and pastor fan wasn't so crazy about it. I've had the tripa tacos and they are very good. Carnitas also are pretty good. In addition to the tacos (tortillas made in-house), check out the sopes. If you've never had it, it's a small round of masa dough, with edges all around, and filled with meat, cheese, etc.
    I haven't ventured into their expanding menu, though.
    Gordo's remains the gold standard. But La Reyna had a nice atmosphere, nice people and above-average authentic Mexican food.
    Let us know how it went.

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    1. re: Big Daddy

      That's BD. I am having lunch with Chris Hastings of Hot & Hot and an editor with Cooking Light magazine. May be best served to just follow their leads. I'll post how things went/what was ordered.

      1. re: Big Daddy

        The tamales are pretty good too as well as the salsas.

        1. re: Dax

          GREAT recommendation on the sopes, Big Daddy. Had a charizo sope and it was amazing. Warm and chewy, shredded lettuce, dollop of sour cream. Great tacos, great salsas. One of the guys we ate with — a food editor from Southern Living, not Cooking Light — says he like the place because it consistently has the highest health ratings of the taquerias he's aware of. And it owned and run by a husband and wife team. Biggest disappointment was the tacos carnitas. It was just bad/old.

          1. re: SkippyLeBeef

            Sorry for the bum steer -- I mean pig.
            What did Chris Hastings have and what was his reaction?

            1. re: Big Daddy

              Chris has a torte, mexican sandwich. I tried it, it was good. I can't recall what the main meat was, but it had a layer of refried beans, lots of pickled jalapenos, melted cheese, great, soft bread. He really enjoyed it.

              I also has a taco azada (steak) and it was 9/10.

              1. re: SkippyLeBeef

                torta. I saw a few go out Saturday afternoon and they looked substantial (and the bread was toasted).

                I had another tamale which was excellent, as well as a beef tongue taco and a barbacoa (lamb per the menu) taco. The barbacoa was good albeit a little dry. The beef tongue was thick strips of spongy tongue, which either could have been cooked longer or was just not my thing - way too chewy.