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Aug 26, 2009 08:47 AM

Minamoto Kitchoan, wagashi-ya, opening on Market St

Minamoto Kitchoan is a much-loved shop for wagashi, the sweets traditionally served during the Japanese tea ceremony. I passed by their sign on Market Street today, on the even-numbered side near Kearny (or was it Montgomery?). Workers renovating said the shop plans to open Friday or Saturday.

I believe this would be Minamoto Kitchoan's second location in the U.S., after one in New York.

See previous post on the dearth of wagashi in SF: .

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  1. I've actually been to a Minamoto Kitchoan branch in Costa Mesa, inside the Mitsuwa Market. I think they might be in all the Mitsuwa markets. Quite expensive, though the packaging is nice. The wagashi is a little on the old side, especially considering that in SoCal we have other places that do it in house and same day.

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      There's also Nippon Ya in Japantown.

      I'm pretty sure one of the shops in the San Jose Mitsuwa sells Minamoto Kitchoan stuff.

      675 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Yep - they have a Minamoto Kitchoan counter right when you walk in, adjacent to the Satura Cakes counter.

    2. The wagashi-ya was, in fact, open today at 648 Market, between Kearny and Montgomery Streets when I wandered by. I can't vouch for the confections, as I don't have a sweet tooth, except to note that they are very cute. I bought a box of Ankoro Mochi for a friend, a pack of Beika Goma rice cakes for myself and shot a few pictures:

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        I dropped by the store today and took a couple of pictures. The sweets, presentation, and packaging are gorgeous. Very brave of them to open in this economic environment.