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Near Penn Station.... anything?

My disabled mom is coming in via train tonight to Penn Station and has very limited mobility. Do you guys know of any decent places nearby we could get dinner? There are many pubs but few restaurants. I used to go to bars around there and remember the food being pretty awful and more priced for the tourist. I'm looking for something not too expensive. Our palates are pretty open to most cuisines.

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  1. Tracks is a restaurant right inside Penn Station. I've never tried it. Posts by Hounds who have eaten there say the food's decent.


    If 7th Av., b/t 29th & 30th, is not too far for your mom, there's Seven. Again, I've not tried it, but there have been positive comments on this board about it.


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      Both sounds good. I'll run it by her. It's a tough neighborhood to find a restaurant!

    2. If you do go to Tracks inside Penn Station, don't be put off by the large bar area when you first walk in. Make your way to the back (beyond the raw bar station) and there are booths and tables. And it's a lot quieter back there too usually. (I know there's a way to actually enter from the station to the rear of Tracks but I don't know how to direct you there.)

      1. Stout is a pub but everything I've tried there has been good. I suggest it because it's roomy, clean and I don't think you have to go up any stairs to get in.

        1. that area is a black hole for restaurants. mostly inhabited by fast food joints, there aren't too many choices. stage door diner on 33rd and 8th ave or tick tock diner on 34th and 8th have decent food. niles on 31st and 7th ave has traditional american food at around $20-25 for entrees (pastas and salads are closer to $15). chef yu on 36th and 8th has a nice interior and decent chinese. fat annie's truck stop (FATS) on 33rd btw 6th/7th is hit or miss burgers and southern. if you want to stay inside of penn station, avoid the tgi fridays and go to tracks.

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              Keens would certainly be my first choice for a restaurant in the general vicinity of Penn Station. However, it's on 36th, b/t 5th & 6th -- not very close -- and given that nicholel's mom has very limited mobility, I don't think it's a viable option.

          1. Pad Thai has OK to decent Thai food. I only suggest it because it's very close to Penn on 8th Ave between 30th and 31st.

            1. I am sorry I am most probably late. The Koreatown is only two blocks away from the Penn Station. The food is flavorful, cheap, and maybe even somewhat exotic (depending on your taste, of course). The service is generally good and I am sure your mother's special needs would be accomodated. There's a number of decent places, most of them have a spare table on a weekday, and it might be a reasonable strategy just to stop by the first Korean restaurant you see. (There is no need to speak Korean if that's important.)

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                Try Lugo Caffe!!! It's much better than anything else around - I believe on 33rd just north of the Garden? You can also try the place in the Affinia Hotel - 31st and 7th


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                    the restaurant at the affinia hotel is niles.

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                      Ah yes. I was pleasantly SHOCKED at how nice their brunch was!!!


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                    I would ditto Koreatown for food but it's very difficult to move around there - lots of people on the sidewalks. But the food is better than what you'll find within a similar radius.

                    (Btw, I have an intense dislike of the food at Chef Yu.)

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                      i worked a few blocks from there and i used to hate that place but my coworkers would go constantly and i guess i got used to it. the food is better if you eat there than if you get it delivered. i would've suggested gingers but i think it's further away

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                        I used to work above it. I just think there are better options like Djerdan and for lunch time, I was in love with the corner market on 35th or 36th that makes a huge variety of fresh salads, complete with a make your own noodle station.

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                        I would completely agree with your assessment of Chef Yu. But then again, it's not a Korean restaurant, it's an ethnic theme park. And luckily, it's not even close to Penn Station.

                        I would disagree that K-town is always crowded: Asians like their dinner early. Besides, a common teenage crowd near Radisson is actually to the benefit of the disabled. Just ask them for some help with the wheelchair... seriously.

                    2. Tir Na Nog at 8th Ave between 33rd and 34th. Great food and great service. From Burgers to Pamesan Crusted Branzino it is always first rate

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                        Local isn't that bad. Crazy busy at happy hour. Coworkers and I went their for lunch once. If you're not expecting a wonderful meal, it's kind of fun (roofdeck!). Also, the burger shack at Brother Jimmy's....QUITE delicious (sweet potato fries!) It's not open for dinner though...


                      2. A little surprised that nobody has mentioned Nick & Stef's; many postings (none raves, I think) on this site, but it is right there (entrance on the street level of 33rd Street near the 8th Avenue Penn Station exit; escalator from PS to street level) and, in my view, the food and service are v good. Value, as mentioned elsewhere, may be a question, but you can't beat the location. I have taken many clients there with kudos from them. Also, second the nomination of Tir Na Nog, right across the street; but, it is not disabled friendly.