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Aug 26, 2009 08:03 AM

Roque's Carnitas, Santa Fe

Many years ago I went to this stand on the Plaza and loved the carnitas sandwich. We will be in Santa Fe Labor Day weekend and wondered if it is still there and still as good as ever. Is it there on Sundays? Thanks in advance for your help. By the way, we are planning our 2 dinners for La Choza and Los Potrillos, with a lunch at Bobcat Bite. Good choices?

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  1. Roque's is still on the Plaza, still good.

    La Choza (New Mexican) and Los Potrillos (Mexican) are MY favorites when that craving occurs. I only wish Los Potrillos had a license to make a real margarita; I settle for beer. I don't "get" wine margaitas.

    And, Bobcat Bite ? IMO the best burger in Santa Fe (and there are many fine ones available here).

    The only thing missing from your plans is a Harry's Roadhouse breakfast ! Have fun.

    1. thumbs up for La Choza from me!

      1. Big thumbs up on Los Potrillos for me... I Loooooooove that place. Anytime we're in SF we go there for at least one dinner, the chicken in pineapple sauce is to die for.