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Aug 26, 2009 08:03 AM

Reasonable Italian in Tribeca

With all the promotions around town, we wondered if you could recommend a good but reasonable Italian place in Tribeca. Thanks!

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  1. I've been living and working in Tribeca for over 25 years, which qualifies me... well, who knows if I'm right, but I think by far the best quality:price place in Tribeca is Gigino, on Greenwich St (they also have a second, fantastic location in Battery Park, with great harbor / Statue of Liberty views,).
    Gigino offers fresh, well prepared food, a large menu with lots of daily specials, pretty good brick oven pizza, and a decent enough wine list (you can also byob for a $15 corkage). A house special called spaghetti al Padrino is our perennial favorite - and a dish we've never seen anywhere else - spaghetti with beets, escarole, anchovy, parsley - really very very good. It's a fairly large place by NY standards and lively without getting deafening; the service is almost always very good.
    BTW: we avoid Roc, neighbor to Gigino; unless you care to over-pay for lesser quality served with plenty of attitude.

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        Gigino is a good choice.I also like Pepolino very much.A bit more expensive than Gigino but the food and service are very good and the prices reasonable for the quality.It's on West Broadway,1/2 block below Canal.

    1. I also tried Gigino this summer and liked it a lot. They also make frozen drinks...I had a pina colada and it was very good! It is laid back...wonderful food...nice setting...