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Aug 26, 2009 07:36 AM

One dinner in Spokane - Latah Bistro, Vin Rouge or Mizuna?

We'll be in Spokane this weekend and the three restaurants mentioned are in the running for Saturday dinner. Staying at the Davenport so walkability would be a plus but not necessary. Food first, a good atmosphere second.

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  1. Mizuna would be the only one within walking distance. We've always like Vin Rouge, great service and atmospshere. (They have a nice patio). Also, Vin Rouge has a great wine and dessert selection. We've never tried Latah, but we were just chatting about trying it. Another choice that is very close would be Moxie. He was the former head chef at the Davenport. Very good fusion food.

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      I second Moxie. Also, Wild Sage would be within walking distance, I think.

    2. Mizuna is outstanding as is Latah Bistro (well worth the quick drive). Vin Rouge has great wine but the food disappoints.

      1. If you mind is made up on one of those three then i would pick them in this order.

        1. Mizuna
        2. Vin Rouge
        3. Latah Bistro

        The first two are excellent in food and service, Vin Rouge is the best value, however if atmosphere is important to you they are just a converted fast food restaurant, they did a nice job for what they had to work with but it still is not the nicest place to dine at.

        Mizuna has the most interesting and unusual food and great service.

        Latah Bistro is very good featuring a lot of local items, service is usually very good but the food is slightly below the other two and they are a little more expensive.

        Just to confuse things even more - Sante's has become a very popular and well-liked restaurant - European setting, European style service. The Chef cures his own meats and they have very innovative cuisine.

        You cannot go wrong with Mizuna's but check out Sante's web site.

        1. Thanks everyone for the responses. We decided on Mizuna and were not disappointed in the least. From the first contact with them to the last, they were top notch.

          When calling for a reservation, they asked whether we'd like an outside table, making sure to mention that if the weather wasn't great, we'd have no issue being seated inside, a thoughtful touch. It turned out to be a beautiful night and we sat outside in the alley. Being originally from Colorado, the one thing I do miss is being able to sit outside at 8:30 at night and be comfortable. Except for this summer, in Seattle that's pretty rare.

          The drink and food were both excellent. Their cocktails are nicely proportioned. None of those giant drink glasses and I rarely see a Pegu on the menu, so that was a nice find. Except for my salad, the grilled romaine (smallish and all the leaves separate which made them seem limp and unimpressive), everything was beyond expectation. I'd recently had lamb chops with Israeli cous cous at Canlis that couldn't hold a candle to the double rib chops at Mizuna and my husband loved the ribeye with huckleberry-jalapeno sauce. The service great as well. I'd love to have this restaurant in Seattle.

          We also managed to get to Sante for brunch on Sunday. I wanted to ask if the could fry up some bacon for me to-go. Very tasty. Unfortunately, there was a man working on the tree grates streetside, creating noise, smoke and smell. We still sat outside but we were quick to eat as he approached and another foursome had to change plans and sit inside. But, even so, it was surprising to me how quiet the place was for brunch on a Sunday.

          Downtown Spokane in general is awfully quiet on Sunday nights. We had thought to go to Rain for a drink and a nibble around 8:00 but found them closed, as was just about everything else (non-chain) in our near vicinity and we ended up at the Peacock Lounge at the Davenport.