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Aug 26, 2009 07:07 AM

Need recs near Fairmont in San Jose

I'll be staying at the Fairmont for a few nights without a car, and need breakfast and 4 dinner ideas. Here's what I have come up with so far:

Breakfast: Flames, and/or something quick and close

Dinner 1: Loft (travel day, need something easy and agreeable)

Dinner 2: 71 St. Peter

Dinner 3: Picasso's Tapas

Dinner 4: E&O Trading Company, or Hanuman Thai, or House of Siam, or Amber India, or Zeni Ethiopian (if I'm with an adventurous group)

Coffee: Any locally-owned coffee shops nearby?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

If you had to choose between Hanuman Thai or House of Siam, which would you choose?


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  1. Coffee: I recommend Caffe Trieste (locally run extension of the SF original), South FIrst and San Carlos

    Breakfast: Lots of quick and close options that do not include a FULL breakfast (various cafes right around the Fairmont), but otherwise there's also Il Fornaio in the St. Claire at Market and San Carlos.

    1. Oh, I forgot: High-end breakfast at Arcadia (Michael Mina) in the Marriott, right across from the St. Claire.

      1. Another local coffee shop: Philz Coffee is a couple blocks away from the Fairmont. If you're into dark roasts, Ether is really good.

        I haven't been to Hanuman Thai yet, they just opened this year. House of Siam has been in downtown for years. House of Siam is ok but I would choose Siam over E&O any day tho.

        philz coffee
        118 Paseo de San Antonio, san jose, ca