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Aug 26, 2009 07:05 AM

Kings Park - Need suggestions

I am moving to Kings Park this weekend - Any suggestions on go to places to try in the area (Smithtown, Commack, E. Northport, etc..) Looking for everything - pizza, sushi, bakeries, supermarkets, fish mongers, sit down - casual and fancy restaurants, farm stands, etc...


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  1. Maize Cantina in Commack, try them first! If I still lived in Kings Park, I'd be there once a week for the arepas.

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      I'll second the Maize Cantina recommendation - amazing stuff. But there are other places. A close relative recently moved to KP, so I've been eating around there a lot. There's Martino's in the TJ Maxx shopping center. It's a no-frills pizza place with a restaurant that's surprisingly good (also super cheap on week nights, when they have specials). PattyJoe's is a good place for a salad, sandwich or burger (they've got ok bbq). And there's a new barbecue place, Dixie's that's not bad either. The Chinese restaurant, Long River, will do in a pinch.

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        Oh for pizza and everything Italian, I love Emilio's in Commack. I moved away so long ago I'm not really that up on the area anymore, sadly.

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          Got a pizza from Martinos the other night - Staff was supper friendly (or maybe I am just used to poor service in Queens), good pizza - my wife thought the crust was a little too thick. Last night had chinese from Long River - also pretty good. Thanks for the recs. We will try Dixies this week and report back. There is a Thai place on main street (sign says under new management, and it looks run down from the outside) anyone been?

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            Yes, The Thai place is very good. Not Sripraphai good, but much better than standard LI Thai.

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              That was Chaophaya, which closed. The new owners are apparently related to Chaophaya's, but I don't know how closely, or what it means for the food in the new place (named Siam, IIRC).

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                Ouch, didn't know that. Too bad!

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                  ... and the opening is mentioned in Feed Me:

                  "The menu at the new but familiar-seeming place looked virtually identical to what was before. The cooking tasted similar, too. Standouts included a vibrant palate-tingling Penang curry with pork as well as a comforting Pad Thai with chicken. "


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          We went to Maize Cantina last night. The Arepa's were fantastic.


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            I know, now that they have a liquor license I think I'll be doing more than just take out! Margaritas all around!

        3. Paradise Pizza-Laurel Road betw. E. Npt and Npt.
          Crossroads-By the tracks end of Larkfield Rd. beg. of Laurel Road
          Ritz Cafe-by the water in Northport Village
          Kitchen-A Bistro- Rte 25- Smithtown
          Red Dish-Jericho Tpke-Commack
          Northport Fish and Clam-(Fresh fish etc and some already prepared stuff)-Rte 25ANorthport

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            Near but not in Kings Park: Kitchen A Trattoria in St. James may be even better than Kitchen A Bistro. Gyro Time in East Northport is very good. Emilio's is excellent but super noisy and crowded. El Ranchito in East Northport for Mexican food that's not gringo-style.
            The best bakery for miles around is Copenhagen in Northport. Also in Northport, Tim's Diner for breakfast. And for a high-end big deal meal, Maroni Cuisine in Northport.

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              I have not been to Red Dish n a long time - anything you like there specially?
              I second your recommendation of Crossroads - it is a little rundown on the inside but the food is always good,,,,,,

              Also recommend Emilios and Maize Cantina. When will the thai place in KP reopen? Also Gyro Time in East Northport. And Souvlaki Palace....

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                The Thai place opened/reopened last weekend. I will try it in the next couple weeks and report back.

            2. Did takeout from Dixie's - we thought it was pretty bad. We had the rotisserie chicken dinner - The chicken was dry and didn't have much flavor. Mac and cheese was gloppy and the baked beans were bland and mushy. The cornbread is the sweet cake kind - not my preference. But the cole slaw was awesome. The manager was super nice and chatted with me while I waited, but the cashier girl was clueless and didn't seem like she cared about her job much.

              I love the Park bakery on the corner of 25A and Pulaski - I've probably gone 6 or 7 times already and everything I have had has been delicious - doughnuts, cupcakes, bread, rolls, etc...

              Had a very good Gyro and pork souvlaki at Souvlaki Palace in Commack.

              Good fish tacos, but chicken and steak tacos at Burrito Loco in Commack were weak.

              Loved my burger and onion rings at American Roadside in Smithtown - a little bit pricey, though.

              Uncle Giuseppe's Market in Smithtown was pretty impressive - lots of good things - bill could add up pretty quick - may only have to shop the specials

              Tried to go to Maize on Sudnay for lunch but they were closed - don't open til 4 on Sundays. Will go back this week.

              1. The KP are is not known for their food. I really like 'The Spare Rib' in Commack for their 'special cut' ribs. I like it better than any ribs on LI. I am sure people will mention other 'cue' places that have authentic smoke rings, etc, but TSR is really my favorite.



                  Here is a link about Dixie's. I'm going to try that brisket, since mine stinks.

                  Dixie’s Smokehouse Texas B.B.Q. & Rotisserie is at 12 Indian Head Rd., Kings Park,