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Aug 26, 2009 06:07 AM

Polenta Pie Crust?

Does anyone have a recipe for a pie crust that somehow incorporates polenta? I am making a blueberry and corn pie and I wanted to make the crust out of a traditional pie crust mixed with some polenta and would like to know your thoughts. For the filling: I was planning on caramelizing the corn for 40 minutes over medium heat, sauteeing the blueberries for a quick time, and mixing in sugar, a bit of coconut milk, corn starch, milk, and salt. Any suggestions of pie crusts incorporating polenta?


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  1. Try polenta pie crust recipes on ... Shiitake Pot Pie with Polenta ... 0 Shiitake Pot Pie with Polenta Crust recipe Pizza with Polenta Crust 0 ... -