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Aug 26, 2009 05:25 AM

Chuck & Co (Liberty Village)

Anybody know anything about the new gourmet burger joint: Chuck & Co (Liberty Village) opening soon? read about it elsewhere.. any idea where it is located in Liberty?

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  1. The owner is Arshad Merali (Liberty Noodle / Blowfish). They're planning to grind on the premises, which already puts in them in my good books.

    I'll have an article and pictures soon on my website, looks like they're pretty close to opening.

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    1. re: JamesJT

      So will it be beside Liberty Noodle?

      Seems like others are vacating the area... Atelier & Oro have closed...

        1. re: deelicious

          There is an auction sale of all of its contents tomorrow...

          1. re: JamesJT

            Oro closed because it sucked., Atelier Thuet wasn't right for the neighbourhood. The places that are good are doing just fine.

            1. re: acd123

              Yeah, it seems like in the 'hood you have to be quick lunch-focused, plus takeout for dinner. People who live in Liberty Village aren't dining in there at night, they're going to Ossington, Queen West, etc. if they want to eat out. And rightfully so as Liberty Village really has the ambience of a giant parking lot. I guess Mildred's is the exception to this rule as it is a destination spot, but then it was that way at 99 Sudbury too, where the new restaurant Oasi seems to be currently dying.

              I expect the Freshii that just opened in Liberty Village will do very well, and a burger spot (if it's good) should kill it too.

      1. where exactly is Liberty Village? Sounds like a cool area to check out.

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        1. re: ttran88

          not really unless you like badly designed condos and townhouses... it is basically the area south of King between Strachan and Duffern, north of the Train Tracks

          1. re: ttran88

            I would check it out. It's a nice walkabout. Some people are too judgmental in the quest for "authenticity". It's very nice considering it used to be abandoned factories and crack whores. I agree gentrification can suck the life of interesting neighborhoods, but it isn't always bad.

            1. re: oakesec

              Maybe go on a Sunday when the farmer's market is also open and walk around. It is a pretty cool area to walk around. Drop in at School for a Viva Cupcake.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Has anyone been to try it out? Thinking of heading there with some coworkers tomorrow.

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              1. re: ikapai

                I went last Thursday.

                The place has a really nice interior but they have no ventilation so we walked in to a huge haze of smoke from grill.

                I had the reg. was $6.00. $4.00 extra for fries and $1.00 for pickles! We waited 10-15 min. for the burger, all the while choking on the smoke.

                The burger was good...had a nice charcoal taste...but the meat patty was thin. About the same thickness as a McDonald's beef patty. They were pretty cheap with the toppings too...2 measly slices of tomato and a small tuff of lettuce...they put onions on but thank god that slid off before I ate it. You have to put on your own ketchup and relish is kept behind the have to ask for it!

                I wasn't overly full, I could have probably eaten a 2nd one and I'm a small eater and a female. Having said all that, I would probably go back.

                1. re: LovesToEat

                  So you paid $6.00 for a small burger that didn't fill you up while choking on grill smoke and you would still probably go back?

                  1. re: LovesToEat

                    Interesting.. Well we're going Thursday so I will report back.

                    1. re: ikapai

                      I probably won't be back.
                      I found the burger slightly bland and mushy. Ordered it with cheese, but couldn't taste it. I had a side of coleslaw, and, well, I like cumin but it was a bit overwhelming. Not to mention it was a pretty skimpy portion for the price. I can't speak for the fries, but they looked good.

                      I have to concur with the poster above, Merci Mon Ami's burgers are much better. Too bad they only serve them on Wednesdays.

                2. Chuck & Co link.

                  Chuck & Co.
                  126 Atlantic Ave, Toronto, ON M6K, CA