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Diners in downtown Toronto

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Hello Hounders - please help me out and offer up a link on past postings for this topic. My wife is coming to town for a well deserved rest from me and our boys and would like to relax with good food, good prices and good service. Thank you in advance.

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  1. I’ve never been but I know The Senator is widely regarded as one of Toronto’s few and best diners. That is absolutely downtown.

    Toronto doesn’t really have a diner culture per se, but from what I’ve heard The Senator is a good bet.

    Been meaning to try it myself : )

    Hope your wife enjoys her break!

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      I haven't been to the Senator but since you mentioned it, meathead2 should read this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/104098

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        I'm not certain if the OP is referring to himself and his wife here as the diners, or is searching specifically for restaurants categorized as diners. Nonetheless, as a TO visitor currently in town for a week's vacation, among the wonderful places we've been to is The Senator. Great place! The food we had was not typical diner quality, a good deal better. My partner enjoyed a peameal BLT sandwich, and I, Huevos Rancheros. A restaurant that does both of those well deserves respect for that alone. The charm of the well-maintained original design of this 76-year-old downtown diner, together with the evident pride in it displayed by the owners, and staff, makes it quite a pleasure to visit.

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          Thank you all who got back to me. I will recommend the Senator to my wife and hope she brings me back something! Cheers - Meathead2

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            Please note that the Senator changed hands recently - so all posts older than about 2 months are probably irrelevant. That doesn't mean it's gone downhill - it could be even better!

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              Okay just to clarify Meathead2 are you looking for suggestions for your wife to have some dinners out while here, or specifically more 'diner' type spots?

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                "Diner" type spots

                Thank you

      2. She might enjoy Petit Dejeuner on King near Jarvis. It's Belgian-run and I've had breakfast/bruch there several times and never had a dud. The big plus: you get to sit on emerald naugahyde banquettes with gold dust on them!!!!

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          Had the Senator breakfast experience a few weeks ago for the first time and I have to give it a thumbs up. Very authentic and classic food, vibe, and service. Busy, though.

          Petit Dejeuner is a good bet, too, a bit more of a restaurant but it does do very nice breakfasts and brunches, including Belgian waffles. Friendly service and a cool decor.

          A few doors from there on King is the Patrician Grill, which is much more of a lunch diner kind of spot: burgers, fries, stools, wood paneling. Great for a bite at lunch, but they aren't fancy and don't do dinner.