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HK 8/25/09--spoilers

Yay! Robert's gone! What a putz.

Still don't think any of these "chefs" can cook their way out of a wet paper (stuck to the fish) bag.

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  1. His fight with Andy last night in front of GR was like a couple little girls on the playground! How ridiculous. I'm not sorry he's gone... but the other guys shouldn't have let his return ruin their team spirit.

    1. I was kinda disappointed to see Robert go. I thought he was enthusiastic and, when given the chance, innovative. It's hard, however, to stick up for a guy who's got so little self-esteem he does nothing about his morbid obesity. And given the multiple chances he's had to get used to the rack of lamb, even though it's quite a challenge to get it *perfectly* cut, it just takes concentration.

      Big surprise tonight re: challenge. I thought the ladies were going to win hands-down with their assortment of ingredients. But the guys pulled off a fig and tomato sauce which, frankly, has me jonesin' to try the combination at home. The ladies' garlic puree -- we won't know if they mellowed the garlic first or not. *That* much garlic is risky to give to people in a fine dining situation. A strong aioli would have garnered the girls a win.

      I was astounded at the fact that the guys actually *ignored* their chef's table. Now, I know the restaurant was full, but c'mon, they're sitting right there!

      Van really, really screwed up. How on earth can one *not* know that a piece of fish is wrapped in plastic? How can you fail to remove it? (In Van's defense, I don't know how the plastic-wrapped fish could've gotten past Ramsay and his expediters... makes one wonder, huh?)

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        the plastic was on whatever they were crusting the fish with, and I remember hearing Scott telling them to MAKE SURE they took the plastic off the back of it before cooking the fish. That mistake was inexcusable! and to do it more than once?!?! sheesh.

      2. Thankfully he's gone. He's a baby - what he pulled (fighting with Andy in front of GR) was just childish. Andy was surprisingly calm (at least what we saw) with the stupid stuff Robert was saying to him.

        The earlier challenge - pure garlic puree? WTH was she thinking? Has she never seen this show? I certainly wouldn't have mellowed it down with sugar, as Tennille was saying, however. But a garlic aioli would have definitely worked, as shaogo said.

        The chef's table idea? Seemed interesting at first, but then the back half of the show they virtually ignored that part - perhaps because the contestants were ignoring them? The paper on the fish - come *on* - you know that Ramsay and Scott knew that was there - how could they not? Van wasn't plating the fish himself - either Scott or Ramsay was. So - it was left on for the DRAMA. Pfffttt....

        And yet again - next week's episode has something along the lines of the BIGGEST......SURPRISE.....EVAH! (according to the voice-over announcer). What a surprise. ;-)

        ETA: There was absolutely NO reason (that was shown on the show) as to why Andy was pulled up to the Elimination Line by Ramsay - he shut down the men's kitchen before they got to desserts, which was Andy's station for the night. So he puts Van back in line, but leaves Andy up there? Why? Oh wait - I know - for the DRAMA! Surprising how Andy was ready to leave when Ramsay called out his name - stepping forward and beginning to unbutton his chef's coat.

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        1. re: LindaWhit

          I love surprises!

          As for Robert, I think he was asked back to start trouble...not necessarily to compete (just my unsubstantiated hunch).

          1. re: Ericandblueboy

            Your unsubstantiated hunch is probably 100% spot on.

            And if you love surprises, I guess you'll get one once a week from this show. :-)

        2. The guys list of ingredients also called for apples - but hey never mentioned them again (?) - am I imagining that?
          They made a big deal about how the figs were used - I can't see them sweetening the sauce with apples AND figs? Did they use apples somewhere else - did I miss something?

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          1. re: NellyNel

            Good point - they never did mention them again!

            1. re: NellyNel

              I wondered that when they presented the dish... where DID the apples go?!?!

            2. Robert going home makes total sense... He has more "experience" in HK and still produced crud. Robert commenting he'll be back, on HK? No way!

              Van at the chef's table was hilarious. Watcha want?

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              1. re: dave_c

                And the response from the ECs was great "Whatcha got?" ;-) Hey Van - they don't have menus like those in the dining room (although why they didn't, I don't know).

                1. re: LindaWhit

                  despite Van's grievous plastic error I was hoping he wouldn't go home because he is so thoroughly entertaining and I honestly think he has talent..he probably got too wasted in Vegas to pay enough attention to his kitchen duties...that said, this season seems like a joke to me..no one is showing much promise..all they are showing is immaturity, incompetence and inanity ....good riddance Robert..excellent theory that he was brought back to stir things up and whatnot.....as for the rest--I still don't even know all the names of the players on the red team except tennille who borderline peeves and amuses me..and suzanne, i think? Still thinking bald Kevin and montone dude in the ski cap (and fingers crossed, Van), hold the most potential thus far, not that it's saying much.

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                    and P.S.: that chef's table thing was a waste..absolutely did nothing for the competition or the show.

                    1. re: HabaneroJane

                      You're spot on about this season being lackluster, at best. None -- and I mean none -- of the competitors is anywhere near the calibre of previous contestants. This was more evident in the earlier episodes.

                      You're also right that this season, the boys' talents far outweigh the girls.

                      Compared to previous seasons' "rewards," the Vegas night seemed to be a non-event, and I just don't think it was that big a deal. And GR, again, doesn't join them.

                      I'd hazard a guess GR is *really* angry at his production assistants for picking such a poor crop of chefs.

                      1. re: shaogo

                        I disagree - I still think Kevin's the best of the lot and has been since the show started. He's shown more leadership abilities (and ability to cook) than others on past seasons. He's had a "quiet edit" the past few shows, except for getting yelled at by Ramsay last night for continuing to stir whatever he was stirring when Ramsay called all the guys together. But that's really his "worst showing", isn't it? I'm wondering if they've done the quiet edit and will have him really come out of the gate for a big hurrah at the end...OR if he's going to be a "favorite" who goes home because of some egregious error in Ramsay's eyes.

                        1. re: LindaWhit

                          I agree that Kevin's the best contestant they've ever had on that show. I think Suzanne actually has talent. Her team-mates don't like her but I don't recall Gordo ever picking on her.

                          1. re: Ericandblueboy

                            Didn't she catch some shite last night? Oh no - that's right - GR yelled at whoever was waiting on Suzanne's pasta, instead of yelling at Suzanne for not heating the pasta when asked.

                            1. re: LindaWhit

                              IIRC it was Ariel manning the pasta station.

                        2. re: shaogo

                          Yeah, that's possible. Robert coming back could possibly have been for drama.Or it might be Ramsey thought he saw something in him,after all, he did make it pretty far last season.I think it wasn't so much the lamb that caused Robert to leave, but rather the business with Andy in front of GR that caused him to be sent home.
                          The guy in the blue ski cap, Dave i think is his name? Well why does he look to me like Danny from last season? Could he have a twin? I mean this guy looks familar,and i haven't read his bio either.
                          I see the girls,whatever their faults did well.
                          If Ramsey keeps getting such a bad crop of chefs, he may not decide to do the show much longer.By the way, what happend to Kitchen Nightmares,the american version? Is that coming back on and if so ,when?

                          1. re: shaogo

                            I have never been a faithful viewer -but from what i remember the chefs are always pretty crappy -No?

                            I think Tennile is hilarious!
                            I hope she stays!!

                            "you're crap"!

                              1. re: Ericandblueboy

                                I can't stand Tennile since SHE ONLY HAS ONE VOLUME when she speaks.

                    2. The one good thing about Hell's Kitchen is , this year especially, it makes me want to cook at home in a hot summer kitchen.

                      1. This show just keeps getting worse. Van is as thick as they come. That guy doesn't have the talent to run a KFC let alone a professional kitchen.
                        Between van and Robert I don't think you could squeeze out an ounce of motivation.
                        Robert has serious issues and his extreme weight problem is probably just a symptom of that. He has to be 450# now.
                        I sincerely hope he gets help but he no longer belongs in any kitchen.
                        Then there's Andy.
                        This may be one of the worst groups ever on the show.

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                        1. re: Fritter

                          I usually skip this show (and agree with the poster who said Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America is a much different/better show) but since Andy's from Boston, have watched most of the episodes. I like the guy but damn, he's not doing well (altho I have to wonder if Gordon tosses shit out just to make a scene) and it makes me wonder if that's why I'm usually less than thrilled with Tremont 647. But he speaks intelligently as opposed to Dave who sounds like he's a bit slow, Van who sounds like a hick, and Robert's who's just obnoxious. Tenille is annoying but I love how she stood up to GR. And how can you make risotto so quickly, isn't that a long simmering dish?

                          1. re: Joanie

                            Joanie, that's why I'm watching HK as well - to see how Andy Husbands does - it doesn't look too good for him! LOL

                            And just to let you know, there's another Boston-area chef on the next season of HK, if what I've been told is true.

                            Re: the risotto - I think there was a thread last year about this same subject - I believe that it's par-cooked and what we're seeing is the "finishing" of it - perhaps the last 5-10 minutes?

                            1. re: LindaWhit

                              I think Andy's biggest battle here is with his age and lack of sleep. Cooking on the line and working those hours is a young persons game. You can tell the guy is beat. I wish he would ramp it up and show some gumption but I'm sure it doesn't help any with GR riding him like a Donkey.
                              I think it's very probable that a lot of this is enhanced by creative editing and GR likely expects far more from Andy than most of the others based on his experience.

                              1. re: Fritter

                                Andy's blog mentioned the lack of sleep - they're up super early to begin taping, it runs for however long (into the evening), and then they have service and cleanup, and THEN they have the line formed in front of GR - sometimes that's not done until 1am or so - and then they're up at 6am again. Five hours of sleep a day for 30 days can wear anyone down!


                                He hasn't updated for this week's episode, but at the end of the Q&A from last week's episode, he said in response to this question:

                                "How do you feel about the way you are being portrayed? Any regrets? Is it a fair depiction?

                                No regrets, it’s the trip not the destination, and this was trippy! Pretty fair in one way, but they f with you the whole time, it does not reflect on how I cook anywhere else but HELLS KITCHEN."

                              2. re: LindaWhit

                                Re: the risotto: It was either last season or the one before, one of the chefs was tasked with pre-cooking the risotto in a large pot.

                                What I *think* we see going on in the risotto pan as it's being prepared is the finishing/seasoning.