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Searching for Fish

Rainchilde Aug 26, 2009 02:58 AM

I just moved to Chicago and I'm looking for a place to buy good quality fish to make sushi with. Any suggestions (the closer to Old Town the better, though I can make a trip if it's worth it)?

  1. chicgail Aug 26, 2009 03:19 AM

    Dirks on Clybourn near Armitage. www.dirksfish.com.

    1. m
      ms. chow Aug 26, 2009 04:20 AM

      It's more of a trek, but Fish Guy on Elston is great. I should check Dirk's sometime, since i go to Trader Joe's there so much.

      Fish Guy Market
      4423 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL

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      1. re: ms. chow
        chicgail Aug 26, 2009 04:44 AM

        FWIW, I recently had a lobster boil party and checked with both Dirks and the Fish Guy and was surprised to get a much better deal at Dirks.

        Also, I think Dirks has a larger selection of fish and they do sushi (I had it once and didn't think it was great, but at least we know the fish is sushi-grade and fresh enough).

      2. g
        gordeaux Aug 26, 2009 09:13 AM

        I don't think you're going to do better than Mitsuwa for selection. It's a hike sorry, but if you wanna put out a sushi SPREAD, I think MItsuwa might be your best bet for selection.

        What are you looking to make?

        1. f
          forzagto Aug 26, 2009 09:25 AM

          I often get fish at Dirk's for sushi and personally am more of a fan then I am of the Fish Guy and it's more convenient for you coming from Old Town. I've had sashimi tuna, salmon, kona kamepachi, scallops and escolar from Dirks and never had bad experience.

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