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Aug 25, 2009 10:08 PM

Need restaurant reccomendations for Vieste/Peschici in Puglia (Gargano Penninsula)

We are staying here for a couple of days and all the places look the same to us....restaurants serving vacationing Italian families pizza and the occasional german tourist drinking beer. I was hoping for some great sea food. Can anyone help?

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  1. If you are searching only for restaurant, well, in Peschici I recommend you the great AL TRABUCCO, very good its seafood.
    If you are searching for D&B (Dinner & Bed), do not miss LA CHIUSA DELLE MORE, in Peschici. Look at its website .

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    1. re: vidanto

      We too are visiting Puglia, staying in Alberobello for 9 days and then a bike trip south to Otranto. Any ideas for the Alberobello area would be very appreciated. Lunch and dinner. My wife's birthday is on September 1 and am looking for a nice lunch place! From ancient posts I found the GROTTA PALAZZESE in Bari which looks stunning. But no mention of lunch hours or menus on their scant website.

      Clearly Puglia is the road less traveled based on the dearth of recommendations! All ideas welcomed!

      1. re: chiefscout

        Two recommendations for your wife's birthday.
        In Ceglie Messapica the restaurant CIBUS or, in Otranto, the restaurant VICO LOPEZ.
        In both cases it will be a great experience.
        Happy Birthday, ciao.

    2. Just a note to mention 2 places in Vieste (centro storico) we found to be above average.

      Osteria Al Duomo- Wonderful fresh seafood.

      Vecchia Vieste- supposedly Vieste-style cooking (everthing is stuffed).
      It's a bit nicer to sit in the back. Delicious pastas. Ask for the home-made local amaro.

      Oh yes, and the pizza place in the central piazza by the stairs that go up into the centro storico, they are only open at night and sell square pizza by weight . Always crowded and for a good reason. (pasquale's? I think?


      You really can't go wrong with Pugliese food!