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Aug 25, 2009 09:07 PM

You haven't had a ! until you've had a !!

Until today, I was the only one I know who likes figs. I'm mad about figs. Specifically, Adriatic figs. Today I shared one with a fig hater and instantly converted them. It made me wonder what varieties of a food are the acme of its type, or at least, the most powerful to nonbelievers. This is not a thread about you haven't had pizza until you've been to Di Fara - I'd like to keep it outside the restaurants. I'd rather it be you haven't had salmon until you've had fresh chinook, but I'm fine with shelved and branded products that involve more production work as well - you haven't had goat cheese until you have ash-rolled goat cheese, you haven't had a TV dinner until you have Stouffers, whatever.

Anyways, I'm interested to hear what you consider the creme de la creme of your favorite foods that everyone else is missing out on.

I'll start with Adriatic figs, Hendrick's gin, Dark Prince tomatoes, Marcona almonds.

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  1. I was pretty indifferent to both cherries and raspberries until I moved to the NW.
    My first Bing 3 hours from a tree in Eastern Washington was an epiphany.

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      Oh, how I miss WA cherries and berries! Commercial raspberries aren't even worth my money; CA strawberries are passable but never as good. I hope you live in an area with U-pick options.

    2. Mango : Alphonso
      Blueberry : wild (Michigan or Vermont)
      Smoked Whole Chicken : Mine
      Pear : Yali
      Apple : Honeycrisp

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      1. re: gordeaux

        The best wild blueberries come from Maine!

      2. Yukon Gold potoates.

        My whole life my family never tried to serve me anything but russets, or the occasional red new potato. I hated them. Yukon golds have a much nicer texture and sweeter, more delicate flavor. I'll happily eat them.

        1. I wish everyone could try the concord grapes that grow in my aunt's backyard. And the italian plums that grow there too. But alas, I'll have to eat them for you.

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          1. re: soypower

            I never cared for grapes until the day I tasted some purple ones from the vine in a friend's backyard. OMG-- it was another fruit altogether! Night and day! I don't think I've ever tasted anything so delicious!

            1. re: CookieWeasel

              Same here, when I was younger we rented a house that had grape vines growing all over it and there was so much grapes that we ran out of ideas and would just pick and eat them all day long. They were big and green (not round though) and seedless, yumm!

              They were perfect but I don't know the name, it was in the middle east.

          2. Rice pudding until you've tasted my grandma's! She got the recipe off of a Minute Rice box over 55 years ago. She gave my aunt the recipe, but it doesn't come out quite right. My aunt gave me the recipe, but I still can't get it the right consistency. Maybe one day...

            ...on the other hand you haven't had a cannoli like my Aunt's cannoli.