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Nov 29, 2004 12:52 PM

The Filling Station Apple Pie

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I ordered the Filling Station's apple pie with walnuts and caramel for a dinner party. When I picked it up, I was surprised that the thing was absolutely massive (probably weighed about 5 pounds). It will feed a sizable group, with generous portions. It's the best apple pie I've ever had, homemade or commercially made. The crust was absolutely perfect, very soft yet flaky. The caramel and the apples weren't bad either ! Well worth the 20 bucks.

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  1. Exactly the review (apple pie) I was looking for - thank you ~

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    1. re: six7777

      Um, thanks but note that this was way back in 2004 !

      I haven't been in years now, and I believe there may have been a change of ownership, but not sure.

      On Yelp the reviews still look really solid but I have no idea if they're still doing the same great pies - so please take this into account, and please report back.

      1. re: mikester

        Filling Station's Pies are now $21.99.

        I don't know about any change in the quality of the pies though.

        1. re: Norm Man

          Supposedly they sold The Filling Station about a year and a half ago, possibly a period of time longer than that.

          And the old owner's of the filling station opened up a bistro-style restaurant in Laguna Beach called Juliette's Kitchen.

        2. re: mikester

          My family still purchases both pumpkin and apple for Thanksgiving every year and the quality is still quite good! it does not seem that the ownership change has affected the pies!

          1. re: TravelPath

            We always buy our pumpkin pies from the filling station for Thanksgiving and still the best around.

      2. Thanks M ~ will try one this weekend.