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Aug 25, 2009 08:49 PM

Pisco Sours in Phoenix?

I just returned from a month in Peru and want nothing more than a really good pisco sour. Other than the camelback inn and the one peruvian restaurant in the valley, does anyone know of other places that might serve them? Preferably somewhere with a bar where I wouldn't feel obligated to order dinner just to get one.

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  1. There's the bar in the J&G steakhouse at The Phoenician. I had one there a while ago. Nice and creamy. And Havana Cafe will make one for you. Roy's might, also. I should check next time I'm in. Hard to find Pisco with all the Chacaca and Rum running around.

    1. I googled "Pisco Sour." Yikes, I thought martini drinkers were passionate and opinionated about their favorite tipple. I found some knockdown-dragout discussions about the Pisco Sour. Egg white vs. no egg white. Lemon vs. lime. Sugar vs. syrup. Shaken vs. blender-mixed. Bitters vs. no bitters. Invented by three Peruvian bartenders? No, you tiresome fool, invented by an Englishman. Heady stuff.

      Once you work through all this controversy and find the Pisco, the recipe looks pretty simple to make yourself at home.

      1. There is a fabulous local place called Sierra Bonita on 7th Street and Glendale that makes excellent Pisco Sours. They have pretty good food too!

        1. The original comment has been removed