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Any places within 2 hours of Stamford for a night of indulgence of excellent Food

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from Breakfast to dinner and then a lovely B&B on a lake to crash after a day of great eating? Anniversary this coming weekend, HELP PLEASE. Thank you

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  1. Indulgence, good food? I can suggest The Homestead Inn and dinner at their restaurant Thomas Henkelmann. But, it's expensive. Utterly divine and seamless and heavenly, but $$$. It's near the Sound in Greenwich, CT, alas -- not on a lake. But I immediately thought of it.

    What about the Mayflower Inn in Washington, CT?


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      I don't get what anyone sees in TH!

    2. I've never been there, but what about the Inn at Lake Waramaug?

      1. It's not on a lake, but the Woolverton Inn in Stockton, NJ is fabulous. They do a wonderful breakfast in bed and a great cheese plate. I recommend Dilly's around the corner for a super-casual lunch, then a romantic dinner on the porch of the Frenchtown Inn. The area (New Hope, PA) is full of antique stores and shops.


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          I concur that woolverton inn is a real indulgence :) Might be further than 2 hours from stamford though. My husband and I went there two years ago. It's lovely and there are some very nice restaurants in the area as well.

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            Somehow, on CH, there rarely is. People ask the questions but seldom give their reports after the fact. Too bad.

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              Jfood: Never got any great ideas and then had a root canal so the palate has to wait a bit but want to go in October for my birthday. I woud love to hear what you and Mrs. Jfood go for a night away with some great food and great sleeping. thank you.

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                Huh? your kidding, you received great ideas.

                And if you would like to see jfood's suggestions just type "jfood" in the search.