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Aug 25, 2009 07:40 PM

Surprise! Pupusas at Costco

I was doing a quick trip to Costco today and spied Casa Sanchez cheese pupusas (10) in a shrink wrap in the refrigerator section. Of course I immediately put a package in my cart . . .
I won't be able to get to them for a few days, but want to know if anyone has checked these out yet? Are they tasty?

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  1. Where are you located, Costco sells many items regionally.

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    1. re: MrPhil

      Good point, I stopped at the store in the Fairfield/Suisun area of Northern California. I had the opportunity to try one last night. Heated it over low gas flame in a pan . . . it was OK, but I will experiment with the method of reheating. I think it will be better over a little higher heat and with butter (or maybe even bacon grease) to brown it slightly and give it more flavor. Also need to make up some of the traditional Salvadorian cabbage slaw to enjoy with it. At a little less than $10 for a package of 10 these make a reasonable and quick snack/meal.

    2. Picked some up last night in Vallejo Costco. Giving them a try tonight