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Aug 25, 2009 07:35 PM

Wednesday dinners with mom

My mom and I try a different restaurant each Wednesday. For a sampling of where we've gone... aquavit, le cirque, amma, spice market...etc... My mom likes the ambiance of a restaurant. Not too pretentious (for example The Modern). More like a place where you can have a nice glass of wine and relax in an intimate space. And I'm a big foodie. Any suggestions that will fit our needs? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Mario Batalis restaurants comes to mind. I love love love Babbo and Casa Mono partly because of its atmosphere (not hauty) and great food.

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      While I like the food at Casa Momo, I think the way-too-closely packed tables make it one of the most *uncomfortable" restaurants we've been to, i.e., not very conducive to a relaxing meal.

    2. I love the room at Beyoglu and the food...yummy mezzes

      1. We've been to The Modern's formal dining room but not to Le Cirque. Are you saying that The Modern *is* or *is not* pretentious? From what I've heard about Le Cirque, I can't believe The Modern would be more pretentious, though I would agree that the space is not exactly intimate.

        I would recommend the following, all of which has superb cuisine and very appealing ambiance:

        Aldea -
        Allegretti -
        Tocqueville -
        Veritas -