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Aug 25, 2009 05:57 PM

What Happened to the Harvest Moon Inn?

Went to the Harvest Moon in Ringoes today for lunch and I don't think I can find a single positive thing to report. The service was inattentive and slow. My sandwich was dry and lacking in flavor. The fries were overcooked and brown, and my soda was flat.

I would never say that the Harvest Moon was a great lunch destination, but it used to be a decent lunch option in the area. Something has gone terribly wrong over there and I don't anticipate ever returning.

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  1. Very disturbing to hear this. We've only been to dinner at the Harvest Moon and it's always been exceptionally good. Recently, however, we've talked about going for lunch. Maybe now we won't. I hope someone else can provide some insight that might explain your disappointing experience.

    1. I have no to clue as to what's going on there now, but we had dinner once not too long after it opened, and the food was rather mediocre. Considering the raves I'd read, a severe disappointment and definitely not worth the hour-long trip for us to get there.

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        That would be about 15 years ago, correct?

      2. I have never been to the Harvest Moon Inn but my friend's daughter USED to work there, so maybe its because she is gone :-(