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Aug 25, 2009 05:57 PM

One Day and Night in DC

I will be arriving in Washington DC late Friday night and leaving mid-day on Sunday. I figure that this gives me a good shot at one great lunch and dinner. Any recommendations? If you could only eat 2 meals in DC, where would you go?

Thank you for any help.

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  1. I would eat dinner at Citronelle if you can spend the money, and lunch at Proof or Blacksalt.

    1. I would do dinner at either Corduroy, PS7, Equinox (depending on your price range) and lunch at Central.

      Are you coming this weekend? If so you should know that Restaurant Week is still going on which may make reservations difficult.

      1. How are you coming in to town? You could potentially do 2 lunches depending on when Mid Day you are leaving... I mean if it's later day Sunday you could do a good brunch.. the latino dim sum brunch seemed interesting to me. Right?

        If I had the opportunity (when I go) to dine at both I think I'd have checked out Komi and Obelisk. Rasika could be an option if you are pro Indian though I'm not sure people would consider it great compared to a Citronelle.

        1. how about a foodie field trip. Friday nite have some wine and tapas at Jose Andres Jaleo. Satuday lunch at Michelle Richard's Central and then dinner at Michelle Richard Citronelle. Sunday latin dim sung brunch at Jose Andres Cafe Atlantico. The only open area is saturday morning and if you are going to the restaurants I chose you will want to keep your stomach empty so go to a starbucks and a juice and coffee and danish

          1. There is also a lot of hype going for CityZen and Restaurant Eve (20-25 mins via metro to Alexandria and then 8 block walk)... for dinners at least.

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              Restaurant Eve is 14 blocks, nine-tenths of a mile, from King Street Metro. There is a free trolley up and down King St. at certain hours.