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Aug 25, 2009 05:53 PM

Milan Lounge...opinions, etc. Please!

Hello, I am a young woman about to move into an apartment very, very close to the Milan Lounge. I would like some information about that secretive bar! Who goes there? What is it like? Could I go there alone to have a beer without a problem? Thanks in advance!

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  1. i have only been there once, but it was nothing special. it is straight up a bar. nothing more and nothing less. you should have no problem going in there alone to grab a beer.

    1. i've been a number of times, as a friend used to be a regular. as bonesmd said, it's nothing special, but the people who work there and patronize tend to be friendly, so yes you should have no problem having a beer there. also, for some reason it's a chicago cubs bar, which i always found odd. during baseball season they show all the cubs games, which tends to attract lots of cubs fans.

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        I was the Official Scorer for Cubs games in there for years..taught a bunch of regulars how to score a baseball game in the old bleachers. It is a favorite place of mine--donlt get there much these days except for Mardi Gras. Dave, the owner, will take care of you. It's a gruff sorta place that is lots of fun. You'll get to the point where you need not ring the bell to get in.

      2. Hey pinkbayou -

        For four years, my best friend and I lived at 1300 Milan, the white house on the corner and from time to time we even visited the Milan lounge. They're open super late and even used to make these frozen pizzas for those who needed a late night bite (food related) as well as carried a decent selection of bagged potato chips.

        As far as the clientele, it's a good one. And if you live around there for any length of time, you'll get to know who comes and goes and when. The only downfall is that it is super smoky, so you'll soak up the smell immediately. You'll be in good shape there.

        Say hello to the 1300 block of Milan for me. Good times on that block.


        1. The pizzas aren't there anymore, but the smoke remains, and there are chips and a few other snacks available.

          Who goes there? Mostly neighborhood folks. It's been my "local" for about six years now. I wouldn't worry about moving in across the street. Even though they're open noon - ? seven days a week, it doesn't ever get real loud, and there aren't any fights or anything. It's not at all a college hangout or anything like that. You can definitely go there alone with no problems.

          There's a Katrina anniversary party this Saturday at 3 if you are around, potluck but don't feel obligated to bring anything.

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            It's a great joint & holds a corner of my heart...even thought I do not get there all the time these days...look for me the week before Mardi Gras..I'll be there.

          2. I love the Milan lounge, Dave, Liz and Danny are great. It is small, and a good place to hang out, even play darts. It definitely has its regulars, as all local bars do, and I would say that there are a fair share of townies who hang out. I don't go there as much as I used to, but you will have a fine time going to grab a beer on your own and hang out - certainly if you become a regular, you will get to know the crowd. In terms of the crowd, uptown librarian is right, it's not a college crowd. You'll find that the ages in there range from 28-68, roughly. Have fun!