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Middle Eastern sweets in Dearborn - other than Shatilla

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I'm outside of Detroit for the annual trek to see the in laws, and this of course means my annual trek to Dearborn for some Middle Eastern sweets. I usually head to Shatila and plan to again, but want to see if there are other places I should consider trying.

My thanks.

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. While you cannot go wrong with Shatilla, I usually prefer Masri Sweets located on Schaefer just south of Warren on the Western side of the street. Prices are a little bit less expensive.
    even though it is a drab looking place inside and out,

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      I second Masri. Excellent sweets on par with, if not exceeding, Shatila.

    2. New Yasmeen Bakery
      13900 W Warren Ave, Dearborn, MI‎
      (313) 582-6035‎


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