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Aug 25, 2009 04:59 PM

Peach ice cream?

I've never tasted it, but for some reason-- I read an article somewhere on the "best ice cream flavors at tiny ice creameries" and it's been rolling around in my head--I really want to. The grocery store peaches look good--so I assume it's also peach ice cream time? Any leads on finding it in the Northern Virginia area? (I could try to make it myself--if I borrowed an ice cream maker--but pretending I know what I'm doing in the kitchen would just be a cruel thing.)

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  1. I can't speak for what's in Northern Virginia, but if you like gelato, Dolcezza in Georgetown (Wisconsin Avenue, Northwest DC) has several peach flavors at the moment. Last week, i had one of them (and sampled some of the others). I love peaches, and Dolcezza's peach gelato is bursting of peach flavor. I highly recommend it.

    1. Try Boccato in Clarendon, awesome ice cream and the peach flavor is my favorite! Much, much more intense (almost like a sorbet) than store bought, still creamy but a much sharper taste of peach. It's really incredible.

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        I think this is much worst quality and taste than Dolceezza and the new place in Logan Tavern.

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          How far as those places from Clarendon? We're talking a $3 scoop of ice cream here. Is the difference REALLY worth a half hour or more on the Metro plus the far (or parking)?

          Not to me. Useful information for someone who might be more inclined to go to a DC place, or not go to Clarendon because they can get better closer to home.

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            As a fellow Northern Virginian I think Dolcezza is worth the trip. The place in Clarendon is acceptable, but Dolcezza goes out of their way to use exceptional and fresh ingredients.

        2. not sure about nova, but the article was probably talking about the excellent peach ice cream at Penn State's tiny ice creamery/ice cream school

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            The ice cream at the Penn State Creamery is fantastic and a few friends have told me it is the best ice cream they have ever had. My son is a freshman there so I will try the peach the next time out there. You can google the creamery and they ship on dry ice to the outside if you want to try it

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              Oh yes, Peachy Paterno is legendary at Penn State. Give it a try when you can. I haven't had any good ice cream, peach or otherwise, around Columbia in years. There used to be a pretty good spot on Centre Park Dr. but it closed years ago. For a while, there was good gelato which took care of my ice cream craving, but most of the places that used to sell good gelato around me have closed.

              1. re: ivysmom

                Closer than State College is Antietam Dairy in Waynesboro, PA. Yum!

          2. I bought some wonderful peach ice cream at the Kingstown farmer's market in VA last week - from the Middleburg Creamery, very peachy. That farmer's market is on Fridays from 4-7.

            1. Thomas Sweet in Georgetown (corner of Wisconsin and P) has excellent peach ice cream.