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Aug 25, 2009 04:52 PM

did you change your mind

recent postings about individual manners (building a sandwich) or tipping etiquette, or restaurant responses (spilled water) have made me give a lot of thought to these issues, but I find most of the time, while I do see other points of view, it is rare for me to actually change my mind. What about some of the rest of you? Have you been persuaded, re-educated, coerced?

maybe i am more inflexible than i thought...... how disturbing

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  1. I can't say anyone's ever changed my mind, but it's enlightening to see other points of view. I have to admit I'm a bit addicted to the Julie & Julia related arguments and do find some of the arguments there quite persuasive. Some threads about organic cooking/cost issues do also provide some invaluable tips as well.

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      I was actually thinking about this very thing today! Reading through a few of the more vigorous discussions on Chowhound, and engaging in a couple myself, has brought me to the conclusion that, in general, by the time one is an adult one's opinions and perspectives are pretty much set, for better or for worse. I've been persuaded a few times and have changed my opinion on a couple of occasions, but overall my foundational points-of-view remain the same. I wouldn't necessarily call this inflexibility (bad connotation) but rather certainty. I've spent a lifetime honing my values, determining what matters to me and what doesn't, and it's going to take more than an brief electronic exchange to amend that. For me, arguments that are well-reasoned, logical, and based on fact rather than emotion have the best chance of changing my mind. However, having said all that, if someone posts about a new world's greatest (fill in the blank) I'm gonna try it. Oh, and exilekiss' postings on the California board will make me do just about anything, even if I think it's wrong.

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        "We have no permanent habits until we are forty. Then they begin to harden, presently they petrify, then business begins. " -- Mark Twain

        1. re: jmckee

          Ha! Mark Twain is the bomb (to borrow from the young people). I'm way past the petrified stage and well into the business stage.

    2. ya I've had my opinion changed here by others' arguments . . . usually it's b/c a piece of info has been offered I was unaware of.

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        This is as it is in life. If missing a key piece of info we may come to the wrong conclusions.

      2. You know KM your timing is perfect. Jfood has spent the last two days on conference calls trying to convince others on his point of view and having others try to convince him of theirs. So far he has about an 85-15 split. Still quivering on the 15%.

        So as he wrote and read these same threads he sees the POV of others on the water thread and can be sympathetic to that issue. The "dark" grilled sheese he has absolutely no sympathy for the contrary POV. The build your sandwich does not have that restaurant-customer issue so he couldn;t care less.

        So yes he has been persuaded a few times over the years, greatly appreciates the other POVs,educated in all of them but never coerced.

        1. Rarely do I change my opinion but often I feel better informed and perhaps more sensitive to opposing points of view. I don't often write but I do read most threads, and I do find them educating. Often I will think to myself, wow, I never realized how much X, Y or Z could bother someone. On the other hand, sometimes I am amazed at how worked up people can get over seemingly trivial things. It can cause me to stop and think twice about getting bothered by something trivial. So maybe I won't change my opinion about the immediate issue, but I may ponder a future issue more thoughtfully before forming a solid opinon.

          1. I don't often have my mind changed, but I often find I can better define my reasons for thinking a certain way. There are posters that are more eloquent at expressing their reasons and I find myself thinking 'that's it exactly!'