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Aug 25, 2009 04:33 PM

Looking for fun family & vegetarian friendly in DC or NoVA

My wife's vegetarian family is coming in next month, and I'm looking for someplace to eat (preferably in DC) with 4 adults, and 3 children ages 1, 2, and 4. We'll be eating early (6 pm) on a Friday after a day of tourist stuff-zoo, museums etc.

Any suggestions?



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  1. Spices in Cleveland Park is pan asian, fairly casual and kid friendly. Near the zoo. Closer to the Mall area is Penn Quarter, and Jaleo is great tapas that can accomodate any type of eater. More casual is Matchbox and Ellas, both have pizza and sandwiches. My 16 month old has done well at all these places.

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      Haandi's in Bethesda and Falls Church has magnificent Indian vegetarian and accommodates familes well.

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        Spices and Matchbox are both good choices.

        Another good Thai restaurant would be Regent Thai in Dupont/Adams Morgan area. I haven't been in awhile so I can't remember if they often have children there but I'm sure it would be ok.

        You could also go to Sette Osteria in Dupont Circle. They have outdoor seating which could be nice. They also have pasta and pizza....should fit the needs of all your diners.

        If everyone eats Indian there is also Heritage India in Dupont.

        For more low-key you can try the Diner in Adams Morgan (not that far from the zoo). There are kids there all the time--they have highchairs and coloring books. Classic diner fare so they have foods that would fit a veggie diet---salads, veggie sandwiches, mac and cheese, omelets etc.

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            Thought of 2 more places: Dino, up in Cleveland Park, is rustic Italian and family-friendly.

            I also just had brunch at Firefly in Dupont Circle and saw a number of families there. The kids might get a kick out of the giant tree in the middle of the restaurant. There's usually 1 or 2 vegetarian options on the menu. They also have a kid's menu with nice options.