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Aug 25, 2009 04:32 PM

Market Fried Chicken Degradation

We used to get fried chicken at our local Vons in Anaheim Hills.

Not outstanding, but a good quick snack.

Last year it went south and was consistantly over cooked and dried out. Once I talked to the counter lady and she said thet Orange County Health had raised the final required cooking temperature (165*??) and it has subsequently gone down hill from there.

Is any one else aware of this or is it just some BS?

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  1. I have had the same experience with Albertsons. Their chicken used to be stellar, now always dry.

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      Albertson's used to put fried chicken on sale for $2.99 for 8 piece quite often. Then the sale price raised to $3.99. My local store made fantastic fried chicken. They cooked it in 50 piece batches, and when on sale there was a line and each batch was all sold before finished frying. Another Albertson's store just 5 minutes away (now closed) had 2 fryers, but the chicken was always horrible. When the sale price raised above $5, it exceeded my threshold of value, so I no longer partake. This is in LA county, so I don't know if rules have changed the final product. God, I miss that heavenly smell of freshly fried chicken on the drive home(bags wide open to preserve crispness). I know this does not address your question, but thanks for listening to me vent for my lost love.

    2. Damn Health Departments, that want you to eat safe and overcooked cardboard. So silly!

      1. I had the zesty chicken wings from the La Habra Albertson's this alst Sunday and they were fine. That sounds odd to me.