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HELP! I Need Suggestions for an Unconventional Bachelor Party Dinner!!!

So, we're having a bachelor party for a buddy of mine. We'd like to do something unconventional for him. We're not looking for a night of debauchery, but more just something memorable/weird/downright strange/interesting. We're going camping in Leo Carrillo afterwards, and MUST be at the campsite before 10 pm. My gut tells me we should keep it on the west side, though I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Some ideas we were considering was to hit up The Magic Castle -- where you can dine and then take in amazing magic shows, but timing-wise that wouldn't work. I was also thinking about that weird lodge restaurant with moose heads on the walls but I can't think of the name offhand. There's also that restaurant where you dine in the dark.

Something strange is okay. In fact it's probably preferred. I'm open to whatever you've got. The only catch is that his uncle, who's in his seventies and has trouble walking is coming too and I want him to enjoy himself just as much as us youngsters. There's gonna be anywhere from 6 to 15 people. We don't have an accurate head count yet. I really need help! I want something locked down this week!!!

Please suggest away!

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  1. How about hiring a sushi model where you eat sushi off of the model? No idea how to arrange this. The only restaurant I know that would put it together, I believe is out of business.

    1. How about the "All You Can Eat" section for a Dodger game?

      1. When anyone says make it "...memorable/weird/downright strange/interesting..." the answer has gotta be Tokyo Delves in North Hollywood

        Tokyo Delve's Sushi Bar
        5239 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

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          And the other answer is usually Bazaar.

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            This post off of Chowhound might give you some ideas.

            Title of post is Fun Weird Restaurants in LA.


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            yay!!! this place is dope and so funny and so great with a group. and great for an unconventional bachelor party b/c there will be a lot of teen/tween birthday parties happening. so lots of screaming girls, but no risk of debauchery. hilarious.

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              That's the first place I thought of too.

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                Servorg, Can you be more specific?

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                  Sake bombs - dancing on chairs (and tables) and, if you look in the dictionary under the term "drunken revelry" you will see a photo of one of the nights here. Take a stroll through some of the yelp pics and you'll begin to get a sense of the place:


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                    looks amazing. i'll definitely put this in my list of places to go.

              2. "that weird lodge restaurant with moose heads on the walls" is the Saddle Peak Lodge, which is in the Santa Monica Mountains on Piuma Rd., about a mile east of Malibu Canyon Rd. It is very expensive, but very, very good in terms of both food and service. They serve a lot of game dishes, perfect for a bachelor party. Also, in addition to the room you are thinking of -- the large main room, on the lowest level, with the animal heads and naked-lady paintings (but tasteful, tasteful!) -- there are two smaller rooms, one on the second and one on the third level. You don't say how large your party is going to be, but it may be that you could reserve one of those two rooms and have it for yourself. And of course, it is (relatively) convenient to Leo Carrillo Beach, probably not more than 20 minutes or so.

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                  Saddle Peak Lodge definitely has some stairs to negotiate - and the rooms are on different levels. That might be trouble for the 70 year old who has trouble walking.

                2. Catch Thai Elvis in all his glory at Palms Thai. Good for big groups, inexpensive, entertaining, decent food.

                  Then, go catch Marty & Elayne in action at Dresden Room.

                  That combo will make you want to escape civilization for a while.

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                    I don't think Marty and Elayne get started until fairly late in the evening. Sounds like they have a pretty strict "curfew." But Thai Elvis is a good recommendation.
                    By the way, Marty & Elayne's version of "Muskrat Love" will make you want to escape civilization forever!

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                      Muskrat Love itself will do the trick, regardless of performer...

                  2. Papadakis in San Pedro is a Greek restaurant where the waiters dance, break plates, etc. Food is also very good imho.

                    Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon is closer to where you need to end up. It's an outdoor, organic place where you sit among the trees and eat.

                    Moonshadows in Malibu is a restaurant right on the beach, with the waves crashing underneath. It's a nice place, relatively quiet, with a patio on which you can have a few cocktails before dinner and watch the sunset. And it's close to Leo Carrillo.

                    Also close to Leo Carrillo, and on the beach, is Gladstone's for Fish. The food is ho-hum, but they give you peanuts and you leave the shells on the floor.

                    The diner at the LA Police Academy in Elysian Park is a trip. You see SWAT guys in their cammies eating there, and you can hear the firing range in the background.

                    And since you're camping, how about a barbecue at Soot Bul Jeep? It's Korean BBQ over real coals. So you cook the meat yourself and you'll smell like smoke for the rest of the night.

                    Then there's always the Morroccan places like Moun of Tunis, where you can eat with your hands and watch the belly dancers.

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                      Or Dar Magrebs...good food, cool decor and belly dancers.

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                        Papadakis Tavern is closed - sorry for the bad news.

                      2. Man, I'm still trying to cope with the absence of debauchery.

                        Ok, here's a memorable evening, a night at the Hacienda Corona listening to a blaring Banda group or down home Norteno. Eat at the taco truck outside, order some cubetas(buckets o beer) inside, flirt with the sassy and curvy waitresses, and be sure to wear a cowboy shirt and hat, a nice big belt buckle(scorpion is a bonus), and boots. Don't ask the girls to dance just grab their hand. If you're not wearing the uniform you'll be a wall flower. Only thing is it's a trek to get to the camp site. No cool Banda clubs in Santa Monica, sorry.

                        Too much? How about an authentic Argentine gaucho experience. The gauchos set up their grill at your pad, and prepare all the parrillada sides. They can even arrange tango dancers and other forms of Argentine entertainment. Could they do this at your campsite? Some Quilmes, tango, wine, and sweetbreads under the stars. Try Tres Gauchos.Gluttony is still OK for the bachelor, right?

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                          Along those lines, maybe the calendar models/servers at Chan Dara on Pico could persuade the guys to go elsewhere besides camping...

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                            Wonder if we can get on the planning commitee? That's two votes for debauchery!

                        2. "that weird lodge restaurant with moose heads on the walls"

                          Could you possibly mean Saddle Peak Lodge? It's not weird though but a very good restaurant, lots of game meats, rustic atmosphere. Not really in the "strange" vein but is close to Malibu.

                          If you want moroccan with the vibe and belly dancers, Koutoubia in Westwood is closer to your final destination than Moun of Tunis - easier parking too.

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                            How about the place that serves almost all meat?

                            Or dark dining at Opaque?

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                              You mean, Animal?

                              Why not hunt down that new pink truck with the hot babes, BigAssBabyBurger truck, or something like that? (Sorry, I'm not a dude, in case it wasn't obvious and forgot the name!!) Or find the Kogi truck??