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Aug 25, 2009 03:52 PM

Cheesecakes in a water bath

What am I doing wrong? No matter how carefully I wrap the Springform pan in foil, water leaks into the crust.

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  1. I gave up using a springform and just just a deep round and line it with several strips of parchment so i can lift the cake out.

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    1. re: irishnyc

      Thank you. I never thought of that.

      Miss C.

    2. I'm in the same camp as irishnyc. Leaky spring form pans (and even the most expensive models can leak) just aren't worth the trouble with cheesecakes. If you've got your heart set on using one of those, however, you might have better luck using a high temperature tolerant heavy duty plastic wrap to wrap the outside of your spring form pan (hold it in place with a stout rubber band) to prevent water from leaking into the container.

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      1. re: todao

        I am going to try Todao's suggestion. Thanks very much for youir quick response. I have four cheesecakes to make tomorrow.

        Miss C.

      2. I believe that it is the condensation/steam from the water bath that creates the moisture between the pan and the foil. I make alot of cheesecakes, and have had no problem since I got a decent pan (Kaiser). I do use the wide heavy duty foil too, but even though it never tears, a little water gets between the pan and foil, but never through to the crust. I think the design of the pan helps.

        1. don't bother with the water bath, just bake in the oven - I bake for the required time and then turn the oven off leaving the cheesecake(s) in for about half an hour then remove from oven.
          after about an hour out of the oven I used a metal spatula to loosen cake from the side. Refridgerate till the next day then remove from the springform sides, leaving cakes on the bottom part of the tin.