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Aug 25, 2009 03:35 PM

SEA Coffee: Vivace, Victrola or Cafe Besalu?

We'll be in town for a quick visit in a couple weeks and have the meals semi-planned (Crush, Tilth, Sitka & Spruce or Canlis), but I'm a bit unsure about where to go for coffee. Will have car, but am staying in the Eastside w/friends in Bellevue.

I'm also hoping to take back some local roasts back to Orange County, CA, so those recommendations are also welcome.

Thank you! =)

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    1. This is an interesting question. I think it depends on what kind of coffee you want to drink. For beans I would say Café Vita, for espresso I think Vivace makes one of the best shots in town. For vibe the first Victorola location on 15th is the hands down best.

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        I like my coffee plain & simple; no foam, no milk...the unadulterated pour.

      2. For some super-fresh gourmet beans, you might want to check out Caffe Lusso in Redmond. The espresso stand at the Redmond Whole Foods serves it, but I'd stop by their roastery (sp?) and see if you can get the beans straight from there. Incredibly tasty coffee. I've never been able to enjoy black coffee until I tried theirs.

        1. Vivace and Victrola are both outstanding roasters (I've never been to Besalu). I like the folks and the people-watching at Victrola better. I'm also deeply hooked on the macaroons they serve.

          1. Go to Cupcake Royale on Capitol hill, and get Stumptown. Yes, the beans are actually roasted in Portland, but it's top notch, and you can get cupcakes and enjoy the surroundings.

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            1. re: dnamj

              The stumptown coffee at Cupcake Royale is roasted in seattle at their Capital Hill store.

              1. re: kaplaba

                Stumptown is usually what I bring to friends.

                I hang around and get drinks at Victrola and Vivace, but my preference is for the beans from Stumptown.

                1. re: kaplaba

                  It looks like there are two: one on Pine and the other on 12th. Does it matter which location?

                  And thank you guys for this tip! =)

                  1. re: OCAnn

                    I like the pine street location- it has a neighborhood feel and there are seats in the window. They serve Macrina bakery goods.

                2. re: dnamj

                  Stumptown roasts its beans for Seattle in Seattle.